Characteristics and requirements of charging pile cable material

by:AAA     2020-03-04
1. The characteristics and requirements of charging pile cable material, charging pile cable as a bridge connecting pile and car, its performance is very important, in addition to the basic cable outdoor performance such as insulation and flame retardant, the overall hardness of the cable should not be too high, because it should be bent frequently. The so-called charging pile cable material generally refers to the elastomer related materials for the insulation layer and the sheath layer. Material properties require oil resistance, tear resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance and softness. At present, the mainstream is TPU, TPE, PVC elastomer, etc. 2. What are the enterprises currently doing charging pile cable materials? The performance of charging pile cables cannot be separated from materials. At present, there are still many enterprises involved in the charging pile industry, such as foreign tenor aipeisi; Domestic enterprises such as antopu, Sanbo polymer, Wanma polymer, xiongya, Dingqi Zhonghua, Kexin polymer, Lin Gen rubber, ou Longyou, Weifang Zhongxu, CGNPC Delta, etc. It is understood that many cable material enterprises are already making strategic layout and cooperating with cable enterprises to build high-quality cables together.
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