CCTV 'time' : how to layout of the cable industry investment opportunities

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] CCTV 'time' : how to layout of the cable industry investment opportunities sanewcable P xue-song zhou: today, we bring a cable industry investment opportunities, we bring a chart from the recently, there is a ratio, shows our domestic cable into the rate, and the international cable into the rate of data. ZuoAnLong: we put it out, please Beijing cable industry growth is stable and is in the international field of vision, and other countries, and countries around the world to than, well, it shows that we are now starting point is low, the future is growing rapidly, isn't it? Xue-song zhou: yes, from the perspective of the earth rate of cable industry, we are now at home into the rate may be less than %, that is, a lot of our cable is high in the sky. ZuoAnLong: you this is our country big city goal, mean the future? Have such a big future, only now is very small. Xue-song zhou: only %, from the point of view of international practice, if a country want to develop in the process of urbanization, the possible large-scale infrastructure construction, and urban infrastructure will be down hair, such as water supply, telecommunications signals are into the ground, now we can see a lot of city of cable are already into the ground, the ground plane in the air compared to the cables of the cable, its technical content is higher, need it more scientific research and technology, and in this way, the cable industry bring better added value, so that some of the cable industry leading listed companies, is a relatively steady growth opportunities, we believe that the next five years, in the process of urbanization, we will also enjoy the process of urbanization, the cable industry appears relatively stable growth, in addition to the cable industry under the stable growth opportunities, we also have a potential opportunity, because we have recently domestic on the one hand is doing the uhv power grid project, including smart grid project, today we also bring a smart grid, especially the investment scale of uhv power grid planning. ZuoAnLong: is the high voltage cable, cable, the cable has many varieties, like the last time you spoke of special steel, it is the cable high voltage cable, potential opportunities. Xue-song zhou: positive focus on high-pressure superconducting cable company xue-song zhou: from the point of the latest growth figures, we are still maintain the data of high voltage cable % to % of the annual rate of growth if we after the official start of the 12th five-year plan for next year, including the construction of uhv grid, we include our smart grid construction, in the middle of the demand of uhv grid will further improve, this could help growth is stable, compare the outbreak of the cable industry has a good potential opportunities, another, that is to say the cable industry also has a more potential opportunities, is that we now are developing in the superconducting cable, power transmission, we now may uhv cables is more, but the superconducting cable is at the research stage, if in the future we superconducting cable technology can successfully developed, this is in our new material research plan, this may bring qualitative leap to the listed company. ZuoAnLong: new materials, I asked you, now currently listed in our listed companies, small and medium-sized board, main board and gem, are there in you said just now, special cable, the listed companies have? Listed xue-song zhou: actually this kind of idea or have a certain amount, such as bao sheng co ( 。 ,。 ,。 %) , nanyang co ( 。 ,。 ,。 %) , we see the Chinese super league (cable 。 ,。 ,。 %) In early hype is active, as well as the appropriate stake, these companies, may be of benefit. Focus is likely to focus on some special cable, as well as the high voltage cable, superconducting cable technology advantage of listed companies. ZuoAnLong: no ordinary cable, so you speak so I am happy, why? Stock do you say? Stock is scrambled for you? Is give you Fried, fry attracted by your capital, countries take this as a combination of optimal allocation of resources, what item is to put the money used up, if the listed company is so good, you said that the rise of our country is expected to be no hope? Don't say more. Back to below, there is a problem, is said to have told you so, now talk about our good, that is good, why the bank of China ( 。 ,。 ,。 %) Stock is not as good as our country Hong Kong area? We high the original, now turned into upside down, what do you mean? A master today, liao is expected to explain to us. www。 sanewcable。 com
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