Carbon fiber heating cable question to answer

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Carbon fiber heating cable question answer wentian P black ants: after knowing the terms of the installation of the heating cable and other content, we can't help but want to ask again, how much electricity floor heating temperatures can reach? Carbon fiber electric heating floor, generally speaking, we adjust the thermostat to the appropriate temperature, as to achieve the degree of room temperature. The installation of the heating cable design is in accordance with the requirements of the user of temperature and heat loss calculation of the room. Electric heating floor USES is on the floor radiation heating means, when ℃ at room temperature so comfort degree equivalent to an ordinary ℃ heating heating means comfort, thus it than normal heating means about energy saving %. The highest temperature is about ℃ heating cable itself. There are those who worry how long the electricity floor heating heating cable stature? Electricity floor heating heating system abroad application has many years of history, so far, there is no case of operation failure due to aging products. Laboratory simulation prove that the operational life spans the teenager. We say commonly, installed on the concrete floor in the warm line is any buried in the wall of the wire. So it coexist with houses built, almost full with building.
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