Carbon fiber composite conductor yu application for the first time

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Carbon fiber composite conductor yu for the first time application of cable nets P yulin branch western grid kv power line reform started in the month of their capacities, in the reform, the ACCC carbon fiber composite conductor instead of steel core aluminum stranded wire on the 'stage', open group co. , LTD. This kind of new material application. Yulin west power grid through the four kv lines, kilowatts maximum power supply capacity, the biggest load has been put into kw, mainly for the dingbian county natural load, oil, mining, agricultural irrigation and outside for yanan load. Kv salt alignment with the load. Maximum allowable bearing kilowatts, beyond the original LGJ wires, power supply reliability is poor, has become a 'their' link in the process of power grid operation. With the recent load startup, agricultural irrigation and all kinds of load growth, is expected to western power grid will reach kilowatts maximum load, pressure of power supply. Western in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of power grid and the normal power supply to the customer, improve power supply reliability, yulin branch to speed up the grid into the power engineering construction in the west and their lines, eliminate the operation of the line capacity of innovation for kv salt, will lead to replace for the ACCC - Type of carbon fiber composite core wires. Carbon fiber wire ( 以便 Wire core is made of carbon fiber for centerline in the single core rod made of glass fiber coated, outer conductive part is soft aluminum material and make the trapezoidal, more closely the aluminium wire strands, wire surface more smooth. ACCC carbon fiber composite wire is the ideal power transmission systems around the world to replace the traditional steel reinforced aluminum hinge wires, aluminum clad steel wire, aluminum alloy wire and imported YanGang conductor of the new product, compared with the traditional wire, with light weight, times the capacity of the operation, great strength, low line loss, small sag, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and environmental advantages, realize the transmission of energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Kv alignment of salt expansion project completed, at the end of the project implementation will be a significant boost in the west of yulin power grid power supply reliability, increase the power supply capacity, make the system operating voltage level and the main loss improved, ensure safe and stable operation of power grid. This article reprinted from the cable network.
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