Cancel the import tax domestic copper price elementary introduction

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cancel the import tax for domestic copper price elementary introduction ckluo P since data transfer ( The south cable network) 【 The south cable network] Resources in a series of import and export tariff adjustment this week by the Treasury, especially worth investors to focus on: (date) (month) (year), the removal of copper and coal import tariffs. 'cancel copper import tariffs, means that in the short term bearish domestic, abroad is good. 'China international futures brokerage co. , LTD. , metal division manager Lin Yuhui said, if domestic prices higher than import copper, it will mean short cut domestic prices. June 21, the domestic spot price of copper in yuan/ton, the price is higher than copper products abroad. Yangtze river futures in a recent report, after a period of time before the copper continuous decline, industry demand appeared to promote, pose powerful support to copper, copper as a result of strong demand, will appear restorative rose. Lin Yuhui said, China's copper consumption power, domestic enterprises has its own mines copper production ten thousand tons, annual consumption up to ten thousand tons, of which about ten thousand tons of imports. 'there is no big change in demand, for a period of time will be at a higher level. The China factor is about the world's copper. CRU researchers in recent report points out, 'Chinese buyers are constantly digest global inventories. International sellers to ignore the power of Chinese buyers, while the will be hidden in release inventory, led to the futures inventory data are continuously enlarged. 'in the global market for delivery inventory data, copper under the rising prices. At the enterprise level, copper import tax cancel impacts. Lin Yuhui said, 'month for copper products sales season, months copper in the off-season, some small and medium-sized enterprise has been in a state of shutdown maintenance. Even if they continue to produce, in the short term, import tax cancel bring lower prices, won't make enterprises have a good profit. 'big companies tend to sign a long list, the risk of market price movements will not have too many responses. And some copper processing enterprises, such as copper tube production enterprise, because there is no long-term contracts, often influenced by price fluctuations. 'Lin Yuhui said.
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