Can't solve the problem of cable against the snow and ice at home and abroad, by some companies are trying to promote themselves, please see report!

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Can't solve the problem of cable against the snow and ice at home and abroad, by some companies are trying to promote themselves, please see report! Yjlw P state grid corporation of anti-icing and mitigation qi-ping zhang, director of the Ministry of Science and Technology today, grid official said, through collecting and analyzing power grids both at home and abroad in many ways anti-icing and mitigation technologies, the existing technical measures are difficult to successfully deal with happened in our country since the middle of this month so widespread, for a long time, and repeat the ice disaster to electric network; SGC has enacted the grid key techniques of anti-icing and mitigation plan, strive for a year in a substantive breakthrough, out of the power grid to respond effectively to the ice disaster) Systematic measures. The southern ice qi-ping zhang pointed out that this year) Disaster 'is nature puts forward new challenge for us'. He said that after the ice disaster in Canada, for strategic transmission line to improve the construction standards; The hunan province electric power company also USES some technical measures to prevent melting ice and has played a positive role. But he also says, these technical measures are difficult to manage the repeat ice disasters to electric network. Qi-ping zhang disclosed that after the ice disaster, SGC immediately start the grid anti-icing and mitigation of science and technology research, in the power grid anti-icing and mitigation technologies at home and abroad were reviewed on the basis of comprehensive investigation and study analysis, formulated the key techniques of anti-icing and mitigation plan for the power grid, puts forward the class more than a total of anti-icing and mitigation technology projects. This class include: differentiation standard of power grid planning and construction, further improve strategic backbone transmission channels, each voltage grade lines and important user power transmission facilities to resist the ability of ice disaster; Power grid emergency communication system and emergency command technology support system, further improve the ability of emergency care and command; Disaster weather patterns and mechanism of power transmission and transformation equipment ice, ice ice disaster weather warning and transmission line monitoring system development, further enhance the comprehensive governance capacity of ice; Large capacity, high efficiency and automation of electric melting device and flexible and practical ice removal equipment research and development, further improve the efficiency of power transmission and transformation equipment in addition to the ice; Extreme meteorological disaster situation, power grid and equipment damage the smallest and fastest recovery technology measures, reduce the social and economic losses caused by the natural disasters to the minimum; Used for electrical equipment, in addition to the ice freezing of the research and development of new technology, new material, to prevent or reduce electrical equipment ice; Alpine &schwarz multiple areas of rural distribution network ice disaster reduction in common technical problems and measures for the research, provide the technical support for rural power distribution lines ice disaster reduction; Strengthen construction of ability of responding to natural disasters experiment for further study of electrical equipment to resist natural disasters feature provides perfect research methods.
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