Cabtyre cable with high strength fiber specification

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Cabtyre cable with high strength fiber specification SXXLJT P, range & lt; /div> < div> The provisions of this specification the purchase 'high-strength fiber material requirements, test methods, inspection rule, packing, marking, transportation and storage. < Div> 2, requirements and test methods & lt; /div> < div> High strength fiber requirements and test methods can meet the demands of Shen Xing cable cabtyre cable group table. Three, inspection rules & lt; / div> < div>。 Test methods and requirements & lt; / div> < div> ( ) For high strength fiber designated factory supply, product performance is stable, for every batch of sampling. < / div> < div> ( ) For a new manufacturer supply high strength fiber, every batch of sampling, continuous sampling all qualified, every batch of sampling. < / div> < div> ( ) Each lot sampling methods: take a shaft. < / div> < div>。 The test items & lt; / div> < div> ( ) Can test project: monofilament diameter. < / div> < div> ( ) For cannot detect performance according to the manufacturer's test report or warranty acceptance, and detection of outsourcing on a regular basis. < / div> < div>。 Packaging equally arranged on wooden or hard plastic disc packaging, reoccupy adhesive tape pad dressing. < / div> < div>。 Packing should be signs: product name, batch number, production date, net weight, production factory name. < / div> < div>。 Accessories products into the factory, along with the cargo should be material manufacturers guarantee of quality or quality inspection sheet, for the first time delivery, type test report must be accompanied by legal department. Normal supply, should provide once a year the type testing report of legal department. < / div> < div>。 Transport when light light discharge, should have cover, not cast. < / div> < div>。 Storage should be stored in ventilated, cool and dry inside storeroom, than with a heat source close to, not in open air. < In edited] [SXXLJT/div>
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