Cables should be vigorously promote energy-saving technological transformation

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Cable should also vigorously promote energy-saving technological transformation sanewcable P, Shanghai electric wire electric cable profession association organized 'squeeze molding machine energy-saving renovation site communication meeting, to promote application of the latest energy-saving technologies, and gradually in the crosslinking modification experiment was carried out, to further promote the energy conservation and emissions reduction of wire and cable industry. According to introducing, the association to promote the electric wire electric cable extrusion molding machine heating technology renovation, results are very significant, has great social benefits and economic benefits. Shanghai electric wire electric cable profession association from years will 'squeeze molding machine and energy saving transformation project' the focus of the work included in the association. After more than a year of study and experiment, the wire and cable plastic extruding machine heating part of the energy conservation transformation test and electric control part of the module and adjustment, has made some progress. The field acceptance tests, heating part of the energy saving can reach % ~ %, the whole machine energy saving effect is greater than %, in front of the heating part of the surface temperature by modified ℃ down to ℃ or so, energy-saving effect is very obvious, its temperature control completely meet the process requirements, has reached the requirements of practical application. Meeting shall be presided over by the association vice-chairman concurrently secretary general Yuan Genfa, association deputy secretary-general zhong-hua zhang with everybody exchange association secretariat 'squeeze molding machine energy-saving reconstruction work after and understanding'. According to his introduction, wire and cable in the process of production is generally need to be heated, the resistance wire heating is the most common way, its thermal efficiency is very low and high energy consumption in manufacturing, a large part of the heat dissipation in the air. How to through effective means, take effective measures to improve the utilization of energy, is an important topic in front of the whole industry. In the past two years, the association secretariat by the method of combining production, study and research, extensive in the wire and cable industry by using electromagnetic heating energy saving transformation, in order to meet the energy saving, reduce cost, improve the competitiveness of demand. At work, take the survey a baseline, publicity and promotion, set up typical ( JJ group activities) , the standard analysis, learning, training, implementation, application, recognition methods such as advanced. According to statistics, in the Shanghai area enterprises have to squeeze molding machine Taiwan, pay online, crowded rubber machines, injection molding machines, combined machines. According to the average power consumption per kw, power saving %, days a year, every day working hours calculation, each annual electricity saving kw, according to the electricity. RMB/kw, save electricity yuan a year. Every year to save electricity. Ten thousand yuan, saving electricity. Kw, its economic and social benefits are very considerable.
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