Cable wire industry in China will develop in the spring

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] The development of Chinese wire cable industry will usher in the spring cabhr P, if the stern Sullivan ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'Sullivan') The latest research report of China cable wire market research analysis, after New Year low, cable wire industry under the new strategy of 'area' will usher in a new round of high growth. China is expected to cable wire is expected from the years about the size of the market five years. One trillion yuan rise to exceed one trillion yuan. Market segment, telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable of the fastest growing, will keep the double-digit growth. Thanks to 'wisdom city', 'three nets' strategy. In the development of the past few decades, cable wire industry in China has formed a large scale, low concentration, single product, low profit pattern. According to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in cable wire industry above designated size ( Main business income in ten thousand yuan or more) Number of businesses at home, but in front of industry, the market share of total less than %, compared with the developed countries, the United States and Japan's former name is about % above the market share. Numerous products in the industry, moreover, the lack of core competitiveness, has a large surplus of production capacity of low end products, high-end products are still dependent on imports, imports the average unit price is about $/ kg, and the average unit price is only for export products. Usd/kg. As countries to facilitate the construction of 'smart grid', and the two sessions of 'environmental protection', 'energy', such as hot issue discussion, optical fiber composite cable, mine cable, high temperature superconducting cable, low smoke zero halogen cable (environmental protection Refers to the use do not contain halogen ( F, Cl, Br,我) And contains no lead, cadmium, chromium mercury made from materials such as rubber, combustion will not emit toxic fumes) And high-tech cable will be sought after by the market further. Dr Sullivan, a global partner and greater China managing director wang pointed out that as the 'area' strategic planning to further advance the layout of low end of the cable industry will also be affected by the pull of the infrastructure construction, adjacent to the 'area' strategy GuiHuaDai enterprises will grow further. Behind the low production capacity will be eliminated, further industry faces further integration. 【 cabhr】
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