Cable wire and rubber machinery and equipment have?

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Cable wire and rubber machinery and equipment have? sxfdsfwe P < div> < / div> < Div> rubber machine is used to manufacture tires of various rubber products such as machinery, including general rubber machinery, tires and other rubber products mechanical three categories. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> ( A) General rubber machinery, including rubber mixing machine, extrusion machine, rolling machine, curtain canvas pretreatment device, such as the preparation of rubber machinery or semi-finished products. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> ( 2) Tire machinery: including tyre forming machine, vulcanizing machine, the press is reviawed capsule, etc. % above rubber used in the manufacture of tires in the world, so the tyre mechanical played important roles in the rubber machinery. < / div> < div> < / div> < div> ( 3) Other mechanical: including tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes, model products, latex and latex products used in the machinery. The type plate vulcanizing machine, drum vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing tank, etc. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> in addition to the above three categories, there is more and more attention in recent years, rubber automatic dispensing equipment, its main is by controlling the proportion between rubber ingredients to achieve precise batching process, the whole process of automatic, unmanned, effectively ensure the staff's physical and mental health, improve the quality of the product. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> different mechanical mutual coordination constitute the world rubber machinery industry, promote the development of the world economy. Here, for the rubber industry friends recommend shenzhen zhongyu rubber automatic dispensing equipment, the equipment is suitable for rubber hose, sole foaming material, friction material, seal products and so on. At the same time according to the requirements of customers for different level of equipment. < /div>
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