Cable tunnel into substation live on 'new home'

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Cable tunnel into substation live on 'new' lu P original title: cable tunnel into substation live on the red flag of 'new' meters underground cable tunnel surrounding the summary after residents oppose, engage in a lawsuit and a series of twists and turns, the substation according to the city of zhengzhou kv red flag vision of power transmission and transformation projects into the smooth construction. Yesterday, the river to the reporter learns from its Chinese zhengzhou power supply company, is an important part of the project - — The red flag cable tunnel project will be completed within this year. This is not only our province first 'shield' cable tunnel, also will provide urban area surrounding a substation power supply. Meters, underground cable tunnel shield machine cutting cable tunnel, and use of shield machine? For many citizens, this may be surprising. In jinshui district, zhengzhou city, a long. According to the relevant person in charge of zhengzhou power supply company, is conducting kv hongqi cable tunnel engineering, power transmission and transformation project is kv red flag of form a complete set of the line engineering. 'Of rice, by kv ginger village substation, the FengQing, wen's road, wenbo east road downtown after primary and secondary trunk road, arrived in substation kv red flag. 'It is understood that the project with a total investment of nearly one hundred million yuan, main tunnel construction by shield method, which are opened in zhengzhou and even the whole precedent. 'So far, the only Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and nanjing in this construction method. 'Bid engineering projects department manager beans little day, told reporters that shield is now more advanced construction technology, the average cost tens of kilometers. Since last month to start construction, tunneling meters a day on average, high efficiency; Moreover, the construction method can well control the land subsidence, almost no influence on surrounding buildings. Yesterday morning, reporters at the scene to see, inner diameter of tunnel. M, has driving nearly kilometers. According to the schedule, the cable tunnel project will be completed this year. Red flag kv substation, is expected to be completed this year as we have learned, in recent years, with the rapid development of cities, the growing problem of shortage of electric power of zhengzhou city -- - — North third ring road, east of jingguang railway, south of golden waterway, north of zhongzhou avenue square kilometers area, west of power supply capability has reached its limits. Especially new fort blue bay, British, Evergrande, jinshui wanda, and other residential areas still use temporary electrical infrastructure. The summer power supply nervous, blackouts occurred many times, the region jurisdiction residents life to bring huge inconvenience. 'Kv red flag power transmission and transformation project is completed, will greatly alleviate the pressure of the surrounding power supply. 'Relevant person in charge of zhengzhou power supply company, said the study red flag substation and cable tunnel project, will be around the existing agricultural change, the yao Zhai change, the provincial capital, FengQing change, white temple, Zhang Zhai change and is building a fertility, and planning the temple lee became kv transformer substations provide power supply, etc. As an important part of engineering of the red flag kv substation, built in the residents 'home' because it is over, the people's livelihood project runs smooth, hard to start planning year, finally resumed construction in years. Again yesterday, the reporter visited the substation site found that the substation 'stealth' in their red buildings completely, if not listed, it is hard to see how this is a transformer substation. 'Is built inside the substation, on the one hand is to minimize the concerns of the residents fear radiation, on the other hand is a beautiful city construction need, also can ensure safe and convenient maintenance. 'Relevant person in charge of zhengzhou power supply company, said the substation is expected to be completed this year.
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