Cable township of transformation and upgrading of the scenery

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Cable township of transformation and upgrading of the scenery is just kuchen P since this year, the national wire and cable industry in excess capacity, many small and medium-sized enterprises, industry concentration degree is extremely low, mid-range products competitive development constraints, such as a 'of cable in China said the wuwei county is no exception. The reporter understands recently in an interview that county, facing the complex market environment, 'to speed up the transformation and upgrading, speed up the merger and reorganization, prevent overcapacity, insist on quality first' is becoming the consensus of government and cable companies. Month this year, the wuwei county special cable industry through the national ministry of batch 6 'new industrialization industry demonstration base of audit, this is the county after obtain special cable industry base of national torch plan projects, won the first national industry business card. Through technology upgrading and product innovation, the county investment of one hundred million yuan, nearly three years accumulated on the new project a new cable, pursue from 'normal' to 'special'. Into the clay branch is located in the town of anhui cable co. , LTD. , Pacific Ocean line huge winch roller, throughput out of the thick silver cable. When the private enterprises to see the United States and other countries is generally applied to aluminum and copper aluminum alloy cable, invested heavily in research and development of rare earth alloy cables, fill the gaps in the domestic market. Due to this new product is closer than traditional copper cable cost saving %, was launched by the market, products are exported to North America, has now become one of the fist products enterprises. In another workshop production line, the reporter saw a fan of the new cable material thick, science and technology, technology director Chen lei tells a reporter, this is the fire retardant cable enterprises into the market late last year. Chen lei told reporters that modern urban buildings built higher and higher, fire safety more and more important, the enterprise research and development of fire retardant cable is Britain's inspection standard, the launch is well received by the market, sales months time to break through ten thousand yuan. Month this year, including 'flexible fire rated voltage kV and below power cables' the item selected in the first list of new products in anhui province. 'cable is industrial & #; Blood vessels & #; 。 'company general manager Wang Yeshan told reporters that as One Belt And One Road' strategy implementation, the development of the Yangtze river economic belt and other countries, the state supports the development of the major areas, such as new energy, rail transportation, aerospace and other special cable material demand continues to increase, the traditional cable industry puts forward a new test. Companies to strengthen independent research and development, already have a patent for invention and a number of utility model patents, in the first quarter sales revenue. Sales of one hundred million yuan, in the traditional implements the inverse rose in the off-season. Month this year, with a sound a gong, wuwei county new cable group equity trading center Q board listing in Shanghai, became the first individual Q plate in the center of the Shanghai equity transaction managed successfully inaction cable companies. County government officials, said the move created new rules to promote the new development, helps to form open the good situation of win-win and mutual assistance. And as the leading enterprise in the county cable industry, one of the Pacific cable co. , LTD. Is already listed on the brewing. Wang Yeshan tells a reporter, the enterprise was established as early as in joint-stock company, since has been listed in accordance with the standardization operation, plan, report the Shanghai listed on the main board. Hard skills on product research and development, in the capital market heroic game, today's inaction cable aiming at internationalization, standardization and the brand, the direction of high-end, took to the assets reorganization of listed, share reform, technology innovation, market development, quality of the 'five new road of ascension. Experienced market ups and downs, from the initial set of extensive, human growth, by now the development of standardization and differentiation, inaction cable largest brand of quality and you will gain. In this year's quality meeting, anhui inaction cable with two years in a row % quality sampling percent of pass ranking first in the country. As of this month, inaction cable industry base for high and new technology enterprises get province scientific and technological achievements, with provincial engineering technology center, a provincial enterprise technology center, and an academician workstation, a postdoctoral research station, a state authorized patents, participation, paragraphs and revising the national standard and industry standard, local standard items, with brand-name products in anhui province, anhui province famous brand, China well-known trademark. Initially formed locomotives and rail transportation, ships and ocean engineering, aerospace cable cable, oil platform, cable, military cable, mining cable, wind cable, cable, solar photovoltaic cable, rare earth alloy cable, fiber optic cable and so on a number of 'high new products. ( Wuhu wuhu news daily reporter yun-tao zhao wen)
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