- cable temperature online monitoring system How much do you know?

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] How much do you know the cable temperature online monitoring system? P cable temperature on-line monitoring system for an overview, system is the system of henan power technology based on Ann is one of the world's most advanced distributed optical fiber sensing linear temperature measurement and control technology developed early warning system, safety monitoring system is a kind of high reliability of the cable. Through the adoption of DTS distributed optical fiber temperature measurement technology, the realization of cable, cable joint temperature and its developing trend of continuous monitoring, predict possible cable fault, maximum to prevent cable safety accidents. The system can find high and low voltage cable, cable end and middle head for insulation aging or latent failure caused by poor contact. Second, the system structure of the LCS cable temperature online monitoring system mainly includes LCZ monitoring host temperature and presence of optical fiber cable. System structure is divided into two layers: the scene temperature sense layer and upper monitor management. Among them, the temperature sensing cable is located in the warm feeling layer, responsible for on-site monitoring of temperature sensor and signal transmission; Monitoring host is located in the upper monitoring management, responsible for completing the whole cable temperature distributed continuous acquisition processing, real time monitoring and fault diagnosis analysis and alarm, etc. LCS cable temperature on-line monitoring system for chart 3, the working principle of the monitoring system is the use of light propagation in optical fiber spontaneous Raman ( Raman) Scattering and optical time domain reflection ( OTDR) Principle to get the information of temperature distribution in space. When injected into a certain energy in the optical fiber and the width of laser pulse, the laser in the optical fiber transmission forward at the same time, spontaneous Raman scattering light, the intensity of the Raman scattering light is affected by the temperature of the optical scattering points where the change, by getting along the optical back scattering backward Raman light waves, demodulation of fiber optic scattering point temperature change. At the same time, according to light waves in optical fiber transmission speed and detecting the physical relations of time, to locate the information point temperature. Four, system function on the LCS cable temperature online monitoring system function including security status online monitoring, fault diagnosis, trend analysis of three most. Specific functions include on the measuring point temperature continuous online monitoring, real-time implementation overheating fault early warning, accurate positioning, and can when early warning, alarm information via text message sent to a mobile phone about chief, and to provide telephone alarm; Provide temperature overrun alarm, temperature rise rate transfinite alarm, fire warning function; Monitoring system is to establish each contact or regional historical archives, can be based on the analysis of historical data to predict the change law of temperature under different environmental conditions, provide the basis for accident trend analysis. Technical characteristics 'visualization' is the biggest characteristic of the system. Including state monitoring visualization, fault alarm visualization, visualization fault location visualization and fault points. Also includes: 'the optical fiber probe, can speak, can analysis' and other significant characteristics. The 'talking' is through mobile phone text messages, phone calls and voice alarm way, etc. The LCS system adopted by the distributed optical fiber temperature measurement technology with continuous distribution, intrinsically safe, temperature measurement precision, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to electromagnetic interference, etc. Five, the system parameter measuring temperature range: - ℃ ~ + ℃ ( Use the special optical fiber can be extended to + ℃) Temperature measuring length: : km/channel temperature measurement accuracy, resolution, plus or minus ℃ temperature. ℃ positioning accuracy: optical fiber probe & lt; cm; Free on optical fiber & lt; Sampling rate (m. Spatial sampling interval) :MHz( 。 m) Channel number:,,,, optional electromagnetic interference resistance, in line with the GB/TIV level standard working environment: temperature ℃ ~ ℃ electric fire monitoring system design and construction and acceptance standard electric fire monitoring system of electric fire monitor system specification Beijing market electric fire monitoring system construction installation technical measures of electrical fire monitoring system offer electric fire monitoring system belongs to the fire sea installation? Electric fire monitoring system design of electric fire monitoring system diagram of electric fire monitor system remaining current-type temperature measuring type electric fire monitoring system of electrical fire monitoring electrical fire monitoring probe electric fire monitor system diagram of electric fire monitor system specification of electric fire monitor electrical fire monitoring equipment electrical leakage fire alarm system the electrical fire monitoring device of electric fire monitoring system design method of electric fire monitor system specification electric fire monitoring system. 。 。 Electric fire monitoring system of electric fire monitoring system principle
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