Cable salesman in wire and cable network-Cable 315 online order experience

by:AAA     2020-03-08
I have been in the cable business for nearly 6 years. Starting slowly in 2010, we now have our own store and warehouse in the city's hardware market. I am quite satisfied with my annual income of 100,000 yuan. I used to drive to the construction site to talk about customers. Then it is to run the hardware market and find friends to hand business cards. When the time comes, the customer is out of stock, call me. In September 2015, I didn't go to the market to run business because of the bad weather. I went online in the store. Inadvertently in the QQ group has a nickname: wire and cable network-Sending information of cable 315 network. Content: free release of product information, well-known websites of wire and cable industry websites. I just hold the mentality of giving it a try. Browse the website. The website is really good. The page looks quite formal. It is an enterprise that checks the website information. Just registered a member on the website (Free), Released 20 pieces of information. Like information overpaid the charged. First, be a free member and see the effect. About two months later, there was a customer call to control the cable ZR-KVVP 2-22 24*1. Is there any stock, how much is it, and the phone sounds very anxious? At that time, there was a spot in the warehouse. At that time, I remember clearly that the customer asked for 1000 and the price was over 40,000. Because the customer is in a hurry. It was delivered in the morning. It was settled at that time, and I felt very lucky. At that time, I had some questions. I asked the customer: How did you know my phone number. Did I pass you a business card? The customer said: I found my contact number online. I remember before in the wire and cable net- The cable 315 website has registered information and sent products. Back at the store, I opened the computer to browse the website and updated the information. It felt incredible at the time. After publishing the information, there are customers who want the goods. Since then, I have logged on to the website every day to update the information. I have pulled a few orders one after another, and the total price is not as high as before, but I am very satisfied, because now these customers have become my long-term customers. I wrote down this experience. First, I thank this website for giving us such a free platform. Let's also find customers online. The second is through my experience. Let friends who run the cable business know that there is such a platform. I want to share my experience with my peers. Rich people earn together.
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