Cable sales personnel network marketing anti-fraud skills

by:AAA     2020-03-07
Cable sales personnel will come into contact with network marketing, which can bring us many orders. However, there will also be scammers in online marketing. How should we prevent them from being cheated? The following are my summary of anti-fraud skills so that everyone can raise their awareness of anti-fraud and avoid being cheated. First, after calling, write down the phone number and search for relevant information of your company on the Internet. If you find negative news about this company on the Internet, you should be vigilant and prevent the leather bag company. Some time ago, you encountered one thing. A project engineer called and wanted to know about the cable price. It is said that the dosage is very large. I searched on the internet and found many reports saying that it is a liar and a leather bag company. Second, scammers are usually not very professional about products and seldom pay attention to product aspects such as specifications, parameters and specific dosage. But focus on payment methods, including benefits and rebates. As our professional sales staff, we must be vigilant. Such a liar can't cheat too much. A liar is nothing more than a little bit of eating and drinking, even if you go to dinner, try to avoid bringing valuables. The swindler called you and didn't talk about anything. The kind of person who asked you to sign the contract is undoubtedly cheating to eat, cheat and drink and kill a little. Third, scammers often change their phones, and some faxes and fixed lines are even PHS. I often can't get through when I call. Will a company use PHS to fax? There is also an unclear address, which cannot be found when sending people to look for it. When we ask them out, we are also in hotels, hotels and so on. We seldom take you to the company. Fourth, reduce your own risks, payment to delivery, or freight collection and payment, which will reduce more risks. It is difficult to do business now and you don't earn much, so don't be blind, don't be careless, as long as we are not greedy, don't believe that there is a time to drop the pie in the sky, with a cautious heart, we can ensure that we avoid this kind of thing, if you have more energy to do a good job in online sales, you will be cheated. In a word, no matter how clever the deception is, it will be seen through by others. Besides, liars are not a fair and square industry. They are not confident enough to speak and often prevaricate, so as long as they have a long mind, pay more attention everywhere, and you will gradually become a fraud prevention expert.
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