Cable sales personnel failure analysis

by:AAA     2020-03-08
Cable sales is a psychological war! If you want to improve your sales performance in cable sales, you must know how to observe, watch and attack, and truly understand the importance of sales, so as to become a winner in the sales industry. Almost every failure is caused by cable salespeople ignoring an important step in the sales process. Here are some common mistakes: first, I am not confident enough about myself and the products I sell. Second, did not set and achieve the goal, did not make a detailed sales plan. Three, relatively lazy and lack of preparation for sales work, do not know hard work can create opportunities. Four, do not know how to accept rejection. Five, did not master sufficient knowledge about their products. Six, did not learn to abide by the basic rules in sales. Seven, can't fully understand consumers, can't meet their needs. Eight, can't improvise. Nine, no team spirit. Ten, lack of patience.
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