Cable quality not only satisfied with qualified products reliability has been on the agenda

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cable quality not only satisfied with qualified products reliability has been on the agenda day Hao P for a long time, people just satisfied with the quality of the products qualified, without considering the service life of the product after put into use, the reliability of the product. With the improvement of power system reliability requirements, cable not only satisfied with qualified quality, reliability requirements for products already mentioned the agenda. 'China industry news papers said, facing the current to speed up the construction of power grid and the construction of the uhv project, as an important component of power grid cables, puts forward more strict requirements to the performance indicators. With the constant improvement of the transmission line voltage grade, also to the requirement of products performance indicators in the 'upgrade', therefore, qualified annotation will extend the new connotation. Into years, qualified cable has yet to 'add test reliability issues have been on the agenda. Current, low voltage power distribution system and power system in our country used in a variety of cable, once the quality problem with the cable will directly lead to the malfunction of the power system and the low-voltage distribution system not only caused power outages, and even endanger the safety of power lines and electrical equipment, the economic loss caused by the often is huge. Accordingly, the expert thinks, the reliability of the conducting wire and cable industry research and application of great significance not only, and time is pressing. The industry consensus view is that is before the products' quality 'various performance indicators of detection, is formed in the products' reliability' after the implementation of the technical specifications. Definition given by the authorities is that under the normal temperature environment, under prescribed voltage grade, the strength of the current situation, a cable for stable work ( Through current) Without any fault of lifespan. The index was obviously make strict rules for reliability. Cable to study abroad is one of the important topic of its reliability, and has already become the important means of product competition. National electric network company, to ensure that the grid operation safe and reliable, its reliability index decomposition is bound to fall to assemble power devices. Under the condition of increasing emphasis on the safety of power system, as an important component of power grid cables, emphasis on reliability index is indispensable. Over the years, we are satisfied with the quality of the products qualified, and for the life of the products put into use after consideration. There is not even considered. What's more, in order to reduce the product cost, some enterprises, proposed the theory of 'product quality excess' think just qualified product, without having to consider the life of the product in the future. So, the physical size of wire and cable products decreases, rubber adhesive content reduce, quality accidents emerge in endlessly. In exquisite product brand, attach importance to product quality and procurement gradually standardized today, although the performance indicators qualified manufactured products, but if put into use soon after the accident, also the user lose confidence. Companies to improve product reliability, from the basic work. At present, should be widely carried out electrical appliances product failure analysis work, find out its failure mode and failure mechanism, the improvement measures are proposed for failure analysis to find the problem. Cable manufacturer reliability management should be strengthened, as soon as possible, establish and improve the reliability management organization and rules and regulations, collect the failure products or the information in the field use, the failure analysis timely feedback the information to the department of design department, production department and test. Product reliability has drawn the attention of the user, wire and cable manufacturers should immediately set out to study how to improve the reliability of the product, otherwise, will be in a passive position in the new product quality upgrading, causing immeasurable loss.
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