Cable quality is produced, not check out!

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cable quality is produced, not check out! SXXLJT P xi 'an subway okay 'cable' incident, buried cable industry for many years to 'hidden rules' known instantly street lane heard: jerry, bold production 'non-standard' cable; Detection can be evaded, applicants will tell you where the 'before' inspection; These routines, has cable manufacturer known as the secret. Aqsiq blaze has carried out several months of quality supervision and inspection, commercially available products, cable companies one. Under scrutiny, a number of cable companies close close, close out of business. Small make up know, some famous enterprises have the same issue, summoned by the public security organ survey for many times. Under the crackdown, ethos industry really has improved a lot. But the thunder in the past, dormant months of bad enterprises began to stir, part has the resurgence. So, recently, state administration for industry and commerce and the inspector, a pair of 'not check what shi don't give up' posture, better late than never, not too late. Cable since the scandal, each inspector informed comment under the wind is: 'something had happened to know checked, before doing! 'American quality management guru Dr William deming argued:' the quality of the product is produced, not check out '. Similarly, cable quality is produced, not the inspection. Only in the each link in the process of production, in strict accordance with the production process and wi requirement, to guarantee the quality of cable products. If you ignore the process control, only by inspection, it is impossible to ensure the quality of cable products, because of the quality inspection, can eliminate defective products and scrap, and can't improve the quality of cable products. That is to say, the quality control must not focus on the later check, and make the stage must be on, namely the stage of production process. So, government supervision from the resource, the pass of the enterprise, fundamentally put an end to fake cable production!
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