Cable products - / inferior quality What is the impact of the transmission?

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Cable/inferior quality products to what is the impact of the transmission? WTL P network line inner copper conductor material different? What effect can you cause the quality of network transmission? Network transmission quality, line is plays a key role. Play a decisive role while the quality of cable is a cable conductor. The interior of the cable conductor material can cause differences in the quality of cable, so as to affect the quality of network transmission. Please have a look. 。 。 What is the best conductor cable to choose? Share details please see the following oxygen free copper cable selection in the network transmission cable oxygen-free copper quality is best, oxygen-free copper is one of the best in the cable conductor material, it is to belong to the original copper. Small resistance, long transmission distance, the effect is good. Oxygen-free copper cables on the market is divided into anaerobic copper cables and gb non-standard oxygen-free copper cable. Non-standard oxygen-free copper cable is not in line with international standards and that fluke test cable, super five kinds of cable about from copper core. 。 Mm or so. Gb oxygen-free copper cable is in line with international standards of cable and by fluke test cable, five types of gb internal copper cable to the full. 毫米。 Because the oxygen-free copper cost is high, in order to comply with the market competition and reduce costs, the market also can appear iron and aluminum cable, copper clad aluminum cable, high conductivity aluminum cable, silvering copper cables, copper cable, etc. Iron and aluminum cable refers to the internal core is the copper clad aluminum to the line, there is copper core line for iron, which is used in the most common network cabling, due to the uncertain transmission effect typically do not use the Internet. Copper clad aluminum wires and high conductivity copper cable, silvering cable is mainly aluminum cable, according to the purity of aluminum is usually copper clad aluminum < high conductivity aluminum < copper silvering. Among the poor oxygen resistance, the use of life is not long, but the resistance is small, the transmission distance is longer, copper clad aluminum meters, high conductivity aluminum meters, silvering copper meters ( A conductor. 毫米) , pure copper cable conductor copper purity is not high, belongs to secondary copper, resistance is higher, the transmission distance is less than m, but the service life is long, can in the general network and transmission distance is not long used in engineering.
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