Cable production line embedded control system

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Cable production line embedded control system listed sjhok P recently, developed by linan minimally invasive grid information engineering co. , LTD of 'cable production line embedded control system' by the provincial new product appraisal. This product USES the embedded system and computer control technology, to realize the production process of centralized control cable, electrical performance of real-time detection; Use process tuning algorithm and fuzzy algorithm, the electrical properties of cable products were improved, and its technology to meet the domestic leading level. Linan several cable production enterprises, but most of the cable backward mode of production of the enterprise, there are a lot of artificial management semi-automatic control cable production equipment, there are many problems such as outdated equipment, backward adjustment methods. Linan minimally invasive grid information engineering co. , LTD. , through the market survey, understand the linan many cable manufacturers need to transform traditional cable production line of the large market, from the beginning of the year, invested a lot of manpower and material resources, relying on zhejiang forestry college faculty and laboratory advantages, independent research and development with independent intellectual property rights 'cable production line embedded control system. The system adopts the integrated high performance processor and embedded operating system, at the same time external use efficient and stable peripheral interface and real-time display control unit, through external smart sensors, instrumentation and optimization control unit parallel access to the existing cable production line equipment, to implement the intelligent of the the existing cable production equipment, network, informationization, break through the cable production control core technology is controlled by the bottleneck of foreign situation as a whole. Linan minimally invasive grid information engineering co. , LTD. , after a year and a half time debugging and improvement, the product at home businesses into trial operation, achieved good results. Source: linan news
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