Cable product samples often can affect sales

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Cable product samples often can affect sales sanewcable P affected sales instance by cable product samples are not uncommon. Wire and cable industry in China most of the enterprise's product sample, can not meet the requirements of the user, the user confused when choosing wire and cable products. We have a call on this issue, but it is understood that GeChang product samples, not still can't meet user requirements. Now the cable users main opinions and Suggestions to the product sample are as follows. A, the problems existing in the samples collected from different manufacturers products together to compare, it is easy to found the problem. , no same characteristic of many plant samples of the products, in addition to the enterprise introduces different words and images, the introduction of other same products, same profuse data group even verbatim ( Some even copy people's English name) , simply don't see the characteristics of their products. , copy product standards, some products of the standard for the product structure size is very detailed, so slavish when writing the product sample. Some of this enterprise can't production specifications are included in the sample but the user really was astonished when you order it. Some of product standards, understanding is not deep, opaque, not comprehensive loopholes in the text introduction, puzzling. , don't know this is the most confused users to user requirement. Wire and cable manufacturing enterprises often only constrained by the provisions of the standard and short-term economic benefit, and ignore the user's actual needs and basic work. As a result, some parameters of the user's need, the sample take without the 'standard' or 'standard is not clear as to deal with them. Because of this, also make some technical strength of the enterprises play the advantages of no. Foreign product samples, by contrast, pay great attention to the needs of users, users are concerned data from soup to nuts. After joining the WTO, we should pay attention to improve. , big load of some product sample list on a long list can follow the production of domestic and international product standards, but not listed technical parameters, or only to national standard cable parameter list. User requirements, at least should be listed in the corresponding sample standard product technical parameters, even if in accordance with national standard, should also be marked. Because of different standard, the product of the technical parameters are also different, otherwise to so many he2 yong4? Since China's reform and opening up, foreign investment enterprises and joint ventures, had happened many times with foreign product samples to buy cable and can't buy the joke of the cable. Second, the basic requirements of the users of cable samples, introduce company profile to introduce enterprise according to the facts, including enterprise scale, nature, production capacity, technical force, production and testing equipment, quality management system, enterprise's management level, bank credit rating, by what standard production, production process and finished product testing level and product sales at home and abroad, etc. The technical problems, users care most about A) Standard environment carrying capacity under the condition of carrying capacity. Environmental conditions change when carrying capacity conversion formula and data, the best list data, easy to use. B) Impedance value standard carrying capacity under the condition of the impedance values. Actual operation conditions of the impedance values. Can form a separate data, such as PVC insulated power cable described. properties ℃, insulated cable ℃ when the impedance values. More advanced method is to draw all kinds of the temperature of the cable impedance curve respectively. Low voltage power cables of zero sequence impedance values, including some of the cables. C) Short-circuit calibration for kV and above cable, should be listed at different times of short circuit current tolerance values, as well as dynamic and thermal stability check formula. Several large cable factory had been once lined the product samples of the data, but they are only listed the cable conductor under the condition of short circuit resistance values at different times, and did not consider the weakest place may be the cable shielding layer. In addition they listed data must produce time interval, the contradiction with the actual short circuit time, is the best current curve said. (D) Products using different criteria, outside diameter and weight of the same specifications of the cable diameter and weight is different, especially the cable diameter error range is too big, this problem is to choose cable and long-term construction failed to solve the problem. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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