Cable open highway electrification process for energy

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Cable for energy open highway electrification process dianlan P as cable application more and more widely, the more application of the cable can be used in all walks of life. According to the report, Sweden recently opened the first domestic electrification road, the truck can be like electric charge on the highway operation, if the test is successful, Sweden or the next few years will gradually expand coverage for electrification of highway. In the face of great pressure to reduce emissions, road traffic use clean pollution-free energy will undoubtedly bring infinite benefits. In order to achieve the transportation field goal in years to get rid of the dependence on fossil fuels, Sweden recently opened the first national electrification of highway. It is understood that the electrification project called eHighway, Siemens has devoted years of effort for this project, is committed to provide transportation solutions for the electric cars. It is reported, electrification road is located in the northern song, Stockholm, the capital city, is a public road two kilometers long. In addition, this road will be Sweden to pollution-free road transport freight industry test base. In fact, the whole project and the top of the trolley system similar to the above is the overhead wires, cables are connected to the vehicle and provides the energy source. According to introducing, it claims, it not only can cut more than half of the energy consumption, and it can greatly reduce the local pollutants, is good for the environment. According to that test will use two diesel hybrid trucks, special truck by the Volkswagen group's scania ( 斯堪尼亚) Manufacturing, and properly modified to match the work system. Trucks to and from eHighway, and use the pantograph device on the roof, 受电弓机制) In connection with overhead wires. Pantograph is a folding device, is a kind of electric traction locomotive electrical equipment of electrical energy from the catenary, installed in the automobile or train on the roof. According to the report, truck and catenary can be realized at up to km/h speed connection, and a truck in the same line system can supply each other. For example, if a truck brake to slow down, the power will be regained, and feedback to the power system, and provide power for other vehicles to speed up. Trucks as a result of these tests is a hybrid type, so when they are off the grid, they can run as normal when the truck. And when they come into contact with the power grid, it will no longer consume fossil fuels. Swedish traffic management bureau chief strategist anders bain tsonga ( 安德斯Berndtsson) Said: 'so far, is Sweden the vast majority of cargo transport by road, only a small percentage of the goods were diverted to other modes of transportation. Therefore, we have to reduce dependence on fossil fuel truck, so the truck in the future will not be abandoned. Electrification of highway can provide a good solution, is very useful addition to the existing traffic system. 'More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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