Cable net various enterprises to cope with the toes

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Cable net qualified to cope with various enterprises are trapped in the light rain P wire and cable are all walks of life will use the product of form a complete set, and from all walks of life on the properties of the cable requirement are the same or have different emphases, and puts forward restrictions on the net cable products, not in the net are eligible may not be the net is used, the cable manufacturing company spends a large amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources to deal with these various qualification accreditation. The most common cable products need to have a production license, low voltage wires should have C compulsory certification, mine cable to have a system of coal mine safety certification, indoor communication cable have the pta network access license, cable TV have the department of broadcasting and television network access license, computer network with LAN cable for a network access license, antiflaming fire-resistant cable must have the fire department for the record approval certificate, etc. What's more, the same products need to have several users at the same time permit. So that makes the marketing of the products greatly increased. In a wide range of such certification and accreditation certificate, whether can restrict counterfeit wire and cable products into? In fact, these seemingly restrictive, but actually to the criminals who produce fake and inferior products provides some effective protection. It is understood that the seized fake and inferior products anywhere have complete all kinds of certificates. The certificate is where come of? Sensation of combine mine in some coal mines with inferior mine the qualification certificate of the cable is where come of? Many people think, at the same time of increasing product certification and accreditation, and should increase the punishment of criminals to create fake and inferior products, not just revoke the business license, fine point, and should be like Hong Kong, a feasible regulations, both to economic penalties, should also be punished.
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