Cable manufacturer rankings in 2017

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cable manufacturer SXXLJT P top for a while, 'Mr Kay cable' thing is not the author introduces the too much. Have to say that this matter for the impact of the cable industry, netizens to cable manufacturer rankings have slight change. Many problems cable was pulled out, not only to ensure the safety of the public property, also really fast down the heart. But have to lift a mouth, cable industry's problems still exist, but also a lot. Many consumers don't understand the market, often receive some bad vendors tease. Because of this, I've come to make sure everyone is summarized an essay about '' cable manufacturer in the latest rankings, the production of cable products, not only good quality, and price is very reasonable, then you take a look at exactly what cable manufacturer on the' 'cable manufacturer rankings. First: the far east cable far east cable's predecessor was founded in years, according to the author understand is China's largest production cable manufacturing enterprises, the far east cable has won the 'national quality prize', is in its brand value. One hundred million yuan. But in recent years, for their products on the network also is mixed, but the industry leading position can't falter. Second: bao sheng bao sheng cable cable group co. , LTD belongs to China aviation industry group, in years, as a key national high-tech enterprise, jiangsu province key enterprise group, but also for many years in Chinese companies is strong, is strong. Netizens have also thumbs-up for this company,, finished cable manufacturer ranked the top appears to be worthy of the name. Third: Shen Xing cable group Shen Xing cable group co. , LTD. , established in year, the registered capital of enterprises. Million, cover an area of an area. Thousands of square meters, is a collection of manufacturing, sales, design, research and development wire and cable in one large enterprise groups. Company technical force is rich; Prudent management; With advanced production and testing equipment; Products strictly enforce national standards, to ensure product quality. Fourth: up and cable jiangsu up and cable group was founded in years, is a key national high-tech enterprise. In the years, six years in a row to achieve the strategic target of cable sales over ten billion yuan, but also for the first list of China's cable industry the most competitive enterprises of the top, is also the Chinese first to enter the world top ten enterprise cable manufacturer. Of course, not the author expected, net friend also praise of their products. Fifth: luneng taishan in shandong luneng taishan cable co. , LTD. , founded in the year, the registered capital. Hundred million. By the end of the year, it has achieved annual sales of one hundred million yuan of 'small target', fixed assets reached billion company. The above is the small make up according to the net friend evaluation summary for everyone on the Internet '' cable manufacturer rankings. The ranking is independent brand size, only to compare quality and reflect the netizen.
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