Cable license system reform

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Cable zhdljyw P license system reform recently only has a regulation to reach the standard of service life of wire and cable, recently on the license system of wire and cable and other industrial products have determined reform direction. Production license system is the combination of a technical review and policy constraints admittance system, through the wire and cable and other important industrial products production enterprises, review its continuous stable production of qualified products protection ability, promote the manufacturing enterprises have to ensure wires and cables and other important industrial product quality and safety of necessary conditions, conducive to grasp the product quality from the source head. Production license system and C compulsory certification system together, constitute wire and cable and other important industrial production access system, product quality and safety for quality inspection department, the system to perform regulatory functions, maintain, electric wire electric cable quality, promote the quality of product quality and safety level is of great significance. Month, in the years of wire and cable product standards, quality and technology conference, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine supervision and production license management office director Li Xiaobo on reform measures, Li Xiaobo to 'three maximum and one strengthening' expounds the relevant Suggestions. 。 Cancellation of licenses. For who can through self judgment of consumers, the market self-regulation can guarantee product quality and safety of products, shall cancel the production license approval. Will implement production license management products, further focus on involving national industrial policy, through hard things afterwards supervision way effective guarantee of quality and safety of important industrial products. 。 Utmost lower the examination and approval authority. With enormous quantity wide, by the local management more convenient and efficient product, all down the provincial bureau of quality and technical supervision for examination and approval administration; For negative listing products listed in the industrial products production license, in addition to the individual sensitive products and products, involving industrial policy limit authority for examination and approval of all down. Conditional province department of quality control under the premise that guarantee the quality of the production license, based on the principle of and enterprise efficiency, can be production license acceptance, examination and approval entrusted city ( Ground) Level of quality and technical supervision department to implement. 。 Approval process is the maximum optimization. Cancel part of the on-spot inspection, the production license to apply for replacement of the expiry of the enterprise, the production conditions without major changes, can by submitting a written commitment from on-site inspections. 。 Is to strengthen the matter after regulation. The reform of the administrative examination and approval system is not simply a put it. Both to make up my mind to cancel down administrative examination and approval matters, reduce government of micro economic management, and to study alternative measures, strengthen the supervision of matter and afterwards. Stability and actively to the reform of the system of production license, is the guarantee of cables, the foundation of the quality and safety of important industrial products such as through and decentralization, cancel the development product catalog to the greatest extent, thus improve the market dynamics.
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