Cable is growing rapidly, ate root cause is not limited to operators

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Cable is growing rapidly, root cause is not limited to operators ate sanewcable P cable is growing rapidly, but the root cause is not limited to operators author, in the power grid, the orbit, the new field of energy, shipbuilding and other industries, can be seen cable active figure. Pay attention to many industry applications, it is the biggest characteristic of this exhibition display cable. And other products exhibition, cable and not the too many new products on display, exhibitors put more energy in the application of how to put the cable into the industry. Prosper China cable network in the booth, past my cable show disappeared, replaced by the cable applications and solutions in the field of the eight industries show: G all business with whole cable scheme, FTTx integrated cable solution integrated wiring solutions, data cable, cable solution for rail transit use, new energy use cable solutions, rail transportation with cable, power distribution system with cable solutions, ship with cable solutions, cars with cable solution. These show, in addition to G and FTTx applications, the rest of the display solutions are that is new. Cable companies in the development of industry, to enhance their product development ability and enterprise scale at the same time, also increased the firm's ability to resist risk. In the past because the construction of an industry is slowing, and affect the cable market, in the future will not be reproduced. Light growth soon benefit from the optical fiber network construction, and G optical communication in the first half of growth quickly, it is also shown at the fair. In war the booth of science and technology, must use the almost is the most widespread booth, demonstrated its group company achievement in the field of optical components, optical module and products. In the pavilion, E posen communication from zhejiang, visitors have also been the focus of attention. Posen communication mainly exhibited optical divider, fiber array and V groove divider product line complete, as well as around the optical divider and unified development of optical distribution frame, light box, light box, optical connector box, optical cable box and light terminal box etc. Used in FTTx related new products. China telecom and China unicom because of the massive transformation access network, optical divider, light box and so on optical fiber used for the first time, on a large scale in that it makes posen in field, the received more attention. Copper caught the new applications in cables show, the copper wire still occupies a large proportion, in addition to prosper shows copper solution, Hamilton sundstrand zhuhai, jiangsu glory union also exhibited a large number of copper cable products and solutions. These both applied in G feeder and copper connectors, there are also used for power transmission including large capacity, high pressure, superhigh pressure cable products range from the city network to the site to use cable, from overhead lines to the cable, including overhead conductors, suitable for large span of OPGW, OPPC ( Composite overhead line) , ADSS, buried cable, medium voltage cables and crosslinking cable KV and below. www。 sanewcable。 Com, in addition, the rail transit in the cable in the past year had a rapid development, some leakage coaxial cables for railway communication, rail transportation with low smoke zero halogen flame retardant bilateral jump control cable and dc locomotive cables and applied in railway signal system of railway digital signal cable, also on display at the exhibition. A henan enterprise specializes in rail cable also came to the communication exhibition, staff said that over the past year rail cable have maintained a good momentum of development, the company is no longer confined to orbit, to participate in the exhibition is to put the cable to a wider range of fields. Can be seen from the exhibition, copper in many industry still has very big market, and the market is expanding as countries for the construction of stimulating domestic demand, especially in the electric power industry and orbit. Copper future new products and improve the solution is still promising.
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