Cable into the city more harmonious picture

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Cable into the city image more harmonious qdyldl P & lt; Div> bloomy spring season, the friends one by one and all out looking for spring scenery, to have such an experience, good is not easy to find the good point of view, set the pose, found in the landscape across several cables, P P not to drop, bask in the circle of friends, how to brush the presence! Once upon a time, free shuttle in the city of overhead cable is the symbol of urban modernization, even as an art themes appear in the show for people to enjoy. But with the advancement of the urban construction and development, the complexity of the aerial cable has many are eager to solve the problem, such as: the city, to the power supply risk, obstruction of greening, taking up space, causing traffic accidents, threatened the personal safety and vulnerable to extreme weather. Overhead cables to trouble urban governance of media is more common. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning' proposed 'harmonious and livable city construction, the transformation of the mode of city development, improve the ability of urban governance', and China's urban construction and planning to receive a new starting point, the new stage, the transmission power of the air 'spider' first. In fact, the overhead cables can be 'god', can also be 'into', which will become the future city development and the inevitable trend of the construction of the line. Many domestic cities, including taiyuan, xiamen, huizhou, Shanghai, nanjing, hangzhou, etc are testing the waters, the cable into the ground, brought new atmosphere to the urban construction. Lurking in the underground cable no longer exposure to air and destroyed by bad weather or natural disasters, no traffic accidents caused by the collapse of the pole or property damage, road of the city space more neat and spacious, power supply become more safe and reliable. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> once buried cable at least decades of cycle, to ensure the quality and safety is the key. In order to be in the complex soil environment withstand the test of ph, temperature, pressure, and the conductivity of the copper with relatively higher stability and corrosion resistance become the underground cable material optimization, in order to ensure efficient and reliable power supply, continuously meet the demand of the parties, reduce the risk of power outages. From start laying to daily maintenance, copper cable with good flexibility, ductility and mechanical strength play an important role, not only brought great convenience to construction, installation, also avoid artificial or mechanical laying cables damaged or broken. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> it is well known that the resistivity of copper is low, which means that the copper core power loss is low, and can ensure the quality of high voltage at the same time, achieve far transmission distance, cities in buried way and thus help reduce power setting, comprehensive cost saving and land resources, improve the utilization rate of urban power, energy conservation and environmental protection. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> today, with the development of harmonious and livable city construction, more and more cities began to consider the cable buried underground, and copper cable with its incomparable superiority makes it become more practical. < / div> < Div> professional wire and cable manufacturers, is a reference to choose Qingdao cable HTTP / / WWW. qdyldl。 com/< /div>
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