Cable insulation plastic buckyballs can improve 26% increase in power transmission

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] In the cable insulation plastic increase buckyballs may increase % transmission heibaocjp P Shanghai electric cable research institute exhibition & lt; DIV id = = rich_media_thumb_wrp媒体类> < SCRIPT>( 函数( ) { var =“http / / mmbiz封面。 qpic。 cn/mmbiz/uoyRFesxoPhOrsYMwTuJJpdQKUzcWODfdBZIFhwHFSXcboZENYtaOdoMPThaqCwoCQapKibrOg/'; 文档。 write( & #; < img类= ' rich_media_thumb ' id =“js_cover”onerror = '。 parentNode。 removeChild( 这一点) ' datasrc='&#; +封面+ & #; ' /> & #; ) ; } ) ( ) ; < /脚本> < / DIV> < DIV id = = rich_media_content>【js_content类 Wire Show cable exhibition 】 Recently, Swedish researchers said, to increase buckyballs to high voltage cable insulation plastic around to raise transmission %. Buckyballs and C, full name buck the fullerenes, Westminster contain carbon atoms, arranged in football shape. Has the unique quality of electronic buckyballs, but has not been widespread use in the industry. Now, Sweden, the mustang tech and the Nordic chemical, the researchers said buck ball can be used as insulation plastic additive value of the cable. In order to prevent the insulating layer is damaged, now the cable voltage limits. However, the team found that the buckyballs, be added to the plastic around the high voltage cable can be improved under the condition of the plastic does not decompose % transmission. Buckyballs can capture electron, prevent their destruction of other molecules of plastic materials. The application of this technology will greatly promote the effect to the power sector, especially the renewable energy sector. New technology can make in offshore wind turbines and solar panels in the desert to the users transmit more power over long distances. 'Reduce energy loss in power transmission is one of the most important factors in the future energy system. 'Mr. Mustang polytechnic university researcher Christian Muller said,' the other two important factors are renewable energy and energy storage technology. 'At present, the researchers will test the in large ac and dc cable buckyballs technology. ( Source: China's wire and cable network CWC) < /DIV>
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