Cable industry will be how to face the fourth industrial revolution

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Cable industry will be how to face the fourth industrial revolution SXXLJT P has entered the fourth industrial revolution, human is the artificial intelligence era. In human from the Internet, mobile Internet, now can say has stepped into a new world, half a foot into the future. What is the most important in the age of artificial intelligence? How is the data, so as the data transmission cable intelligent? Let us then to look down. Originally, as long as the cable products hid inside a number of 'neurons'. These neurons are composed of small smart chip. They can accurate sensing cables running status, like human sensory nerve. Again using remote sensing, and the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other high and new technology, the chip of the real-time monitoring data back to the control terminals. Maintenance personnel just sitting in the control center, can real-time monitoring of the entire power grid, which cut load is too large, which cut line aging, which have a breakpoint, positioning accuracy, be clear at a glance, the system will automatically warning. To make smart cable, first is to be fitted on the cable 'neurons', it must break through the sensor, Smart chip) Micro power supply miniaturization and key technology. Second, the cable core is high voltage transmission, intelligent monitoring system using a low, they must keep a safe distance. Mother change cable processing technology, successfully put the weak current conductor is inserted in the sheath material, finally realizes the intelligent cable market application. V& in London; Extraction, with the support of A museum Steman Design company under the Stanford university campus km data cable, will its activities for visual detection. Interaction diagrams show the different activities of various ground vibration wave. Some companies have begun to use the technology. The cable is used as the sensor instead of information transmission tool. , Mr. Rodenbeck says a company named Optasense began to decorate in the pipeline and other security areas peripheral cable, used to detect the movements of the area surrounding. In addition to cable, other infrastructure can also be used as a sensor. Cellphone towers can be used to map a region of the humidity. This is because, mobile communication and signal tower process is directly related to air humidity. In addition, the fiber induction is also very accurate. It can detect even a few people in the car, or the type of vehicles. Basically, this complex system already in place, only wait for activation. There is no doubt that this technology will reignite privacy concerns. It could be used to track and monitor for the individual. 'This is a great technology, at the same time, also let a person feel fear,' Mr. Rodenbeck says, 'it opens up the possibility of a series, has both positive and negative side. 'Above all, the cable industry is also quietly changing. Follow the trend of The Times power for the fourth time the industrial revolution, are you ready? Focus on WeChat ID Shen Xing cable group 'public', take you understand the cable industry will face the industrial revolution!
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