Cable industry sales last year of 1. 4 trillion, how much did you contribute?

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Last year, sales in the cable industry, how much did you contribute? Wendyoo P wire and cable industry to promote the development of the development of electric power distribution, power transmission, and other industries, along with our country electric power, data communication, the development of urban rail transit and other industries, has increased the demand for wire and cable products, promote the scale of the industry. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, to the year China's wire and cable industry enterprises above designated size reached home, influenced by national adjustment of excess capacity, the number is in reducing home. But from the industry's overall size, wire and cable industry in China sales overall volatility rises, average annual compound growth rate of industry. %。 To the years sales revenue for the industry. One hundred million yuan, fell. %。 As the adjustment of the wire and cable industry in China to deepen the development period, the excess production capacity, poor out while the overall market size of the industry have a certain impact, but the product gradually from the power cable to special cable, related industry development in domestic and foreign development strategy to promote all the way down, in China's wire and cable industry sales revenues continue to achieve a small increase, more than one hundred million yuan. Products are mainly divided into the power cable, electrical wire and cable industry equipment, winding wire, bare wire and cable and communication cable for a few kinds big, because of the power cable application scope is broad, the product of the income scale is larger. Year income scale power cable products. One hundred million yuan, compared with last year fell. Percentage, influenced by the decrease in the total industry scale, the scale of niche are declined, in communication cable drop proportion is the largest, to achieve. %。 From the point of breakdown products, power cable is still an important niche industry, annual output of power cable. Thousands of kilometers, when the communication cable production in all of km around, years of annual output value reached electric equipment cables. One hundred million yuan. So far, our country is an important producer of global electric wire electric cable, domestic wire and cable production capacity to maintain the stability of the wire and cable in China's export. According to statistics, in the export of Chinese wire and cable quantity stability increased, to the export of ten thousand tons in wire and cable, year-on-year increase of ten thousand tons, to October exports of ten thousand tons of wire and cable in our country, year-on-year increase on the previous year. %。 From the perspective of the import of domestic wire and cable, product supply capacity of ascension, along with our country to a slight drop in the number of imported foreign wire and cable, and in total imports of wire and cable. Tons. From the amount of import and export, although growing export quantity of wire and cable in China, but compared to the import price, wire and cable/export unit price on average less than $ten thousand tons, and imports the unit price is about $ten thousand/tons. So, although the export of Chinese wire and cable capacity in improving, but from the perspective of a whole product added value, is lower than the imported products. In recent years, with the ability of the wire and cable production, increasing the number of export products, the development of the industry in China has been the development of the trade surplus, in domestic wire and cable industry's trade surplus has been above $, surplus larger scale. To month, wire and cable trade surplus. Million dollars. Manufacturing industry in China has experienced the structure and capacity to promote, the development of the specification is obtained through wire and cable industry. Is expected in China's wire and cable manufacturing enterprises merger and acquisition, adequate phenomenon will increase, promote the industry concentration increased, but also promote the development of transformation and upgrading of domestic wire and cable industry.
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