Cable industry informatization trend in the future

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Cable industry the future trend of informatization sanewcable P cable industry the development of the industry: the cable industry development is rapid, worldwide, wire and cable output in China has been more than the United States, wire and cable auxiliary to become the world's first major producer of wire and cable, the gross value of industrial output in cable industry of China for several years also exceed hundred million yuan, to become only the second largest industry and automobile industry. The characteristics of the cable industry in China is big but not strong, high-end products, core components still need to import, domestic companies that engaged in cable production, but the output of the house of the largest output before, put together, still cannot % of total industry production, it also suggests that the current domestic cable industry in the early stage of rapid development, the future industry manufacturers will further mergers and reorganization, forming large enterprises. Leading enterprises abroad, such as sumitomo heavy industries, than sharp, nexon, etc. , has set up a joint venture in China, the industrial layout, so overall, cable industries will face fierce competition in the future. Cable industry informationization status: in such a high growth industry, the information construction is still in relatively primary stage, most companies not on ERP, even if the application of ERP is also very early, the main information support on the financial and daily work. Link of the core values of the industry, however, raw materials procurement, product research and development, marketing, and other fields, little information, for IT company, an industry that is worth attention. Foreign cable industry informatization level is relatively good, such as Rayleigh, have long used the SAP system, it is Microsoft navison on ERP, Taiwan HuaXinXian to innovate the tiptop of SAP. Domestic cable manufacturers, in the years before some of the smaller ERP, such as samsung's uniERP ( The product has been out of China) And so on, the information construction investment in recent years less cable industry informatization trend of the future: after years of rapid development, the current domestic large cable industry from management, from the scale, have greatly breaks through the original from the regional development pattern, need to informatization, by curing the new management mode, advanced business will come from lean production management methods, such as philosophy, which requires enterprises to carry out information construction. Before large-scale investment combination of enterprise development strategy and the management pattern, informatization planning, after clear the path construction, construction again!
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