Cable industry bellwether: UL 2nd international wire and cable show a successful ending

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Cable industry bellwether: UL in the first session of the international wire and cable show ended cabhr P sponsored by UL, greater China association of wire and cable, dongguan humen information transmission cable association 'UL and the second global cable BBS international wire and cable exhibition', in guangdong modern international exhibition center is a successful ending. Cable recruitment network as the vanguard of the cable industry, media were invited to host the invitation, attended the event. The BBS and exhibition to go hand in hand with 'compliance and innovation of science and technology' as the theme. Cable recruitment network as cable media pioneer, has sent staff to the exhibition, exhibitors are visiting and investigation. The exhibition across the whole industry and supply chain, has more than a booth, presenting the latest global wire and cable products and equipment innovation results. Show more than a series of professional BBS, and invited industry experts share their latest insight, trends and analysis, provide new global view. Overseas cable manufacturers, wire and cable purchaser, international retailers, traders and dealers to visit procurement, mainly as a export wire and cable, exhibition will provide wire and cable supplier to expand global business opportunities. Cable recruitment network understand UL's global network, as well as more than a century of experience, organized a series of BBS, to provide professional ideas, leading the world including low power copper clad aluminum conductor wire and cable; Aerospace, aviation cable; The high-speed performance and reliability of the data cable solution; Communication cable ( Security, the transmission performance test) ; The latest research and development of the cable insulation materials; Such as more than professional BBS, offering the latest industry insight.
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