Cable grounding troubleshooting and precautions

by:AAA     2020-03-11
There are three main causes of cable grounding fault. First, cable manufacturing defects, non-qualified products; Second, harsh operating environment, natural aging, and external damage; Third, the installation is not standardized and the wiring is rough. There is only one root cause of ground fault---Insulation material of cable. Large ground power stations in China are generally located in the West. These places are generally desert, saline-alkali land and large temperature difference in the daytime. The rodent damage is also serious and the environment will be very humid. Buried cable laying, cable trench filling and digging requirements are relatively high; The operating environment of the distributed power station cable is not better than the above ground. The cable will withstand very high temperatures. There are technicians to measure and control, and the roof temperature can even reach 100- The high temperature of 110 ℃, the fire and flame retardant requirements of the cable, and the high temperature have a great influence on the insulation breakdown voltage of the cable. Therefore, the selection design should consider the following points: 1. Insulation performance of cable 2. Moisture-proof, cold-proof and weather resistance of cable 3. Heat-resistant and flame-retardant performance of cable 4. Laying mode of Cable 5. Conductor material of cable (Copper core, aluminum alloy core, aluminum core)6. Section specification of cable
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