Cable filled with technical specification

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Cable filled with technical specification SXXLJT P ( ) Scope of application: this specification applies to those with crosslinked polyethylene cable materials waste or pollution crosslinked polyethylene raw materials or other polyolefin materials as the main raw material of the padding, after adding suitable amount of foaming agent and other auxiliaries processed and plasticizing, squeeze out after the manufacturing and get the article for regeneration of cable filled polyolefin plastic filling, this article filled as cable suitable for non hygroscopic filler material. ( ) Technical requirements: cable filler cosmetic requirements: plasticizing must fill the article itself is good, and out of uniform, smooth surface, bright color, can not have impurities or swelled. Article circular fill size: shall conform to the table ( ) The provisions of the. Physical and mechanical properties of the circular article filled: must conform to the table ( ) The provisions of the. Fan to fill in the size, length and weight, unit: must conform to the table ( ) The provisions of the. Fan filling of the tensile strength shall not be less than MPa, that is to say must be equal to or greater than MPa. ( ) Test items, methods and test type: see table ( ) 。 ( ) Specific rules: test cable filler. Inspection method and inspection requirements. ( This is not with you in detail, each unit has a unique test method of product qualified or not, but also about the same. ) 。 Or on a regular basis to sampling observation of cable products, with five tons as a unit, each unit should be tested at least once. 。 Sampling method: different specifications of the products to be one or more than two samples each extraction. 。 Manufacturer for each batch of article filled will have to attach the cable supplier materials warranty or test report. 。 Test items: general can over for testing project for the appearance and quantitative. 。 Other products performance is mainly according to the manufacturer provides warranty and acceptance test report. ( ) Cable filler packaging, transport and storage. ( Is described in this don't do too much, most commonly unit shall be carried out in accordance with the normal process of the work won't be too much of a problem. )
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