Cable export 'cross' technical barriers

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Cable Hao P customs export 'cross' technical barriers to day, according to the latest statistics ~ month this year, China's export, wire and cable batch value about. Dollars, compared with the same period last year increased respectively. % and. %。 About batch batch of exports to the eu countries, value. Dollars, compared with the same period last year increased respectively. % and. %。 It is understood that in recent years, the practice of the eu environmental directives, electrical products improved threshold on China's exports. Facing the challenge, the customs authorities increased publicity, visit to key enterprises to discuss countermeasures actively, promote enterprises to improve product development and quality level, adjust and improve the detection of corporate control and environmental protection system, actively looking for environmentally friendly alternatives. At the same time, the company has adopted various measures to actively cope with powerful enterprises to purchase special testing equipment, equipped with full-time personnel, strengthen the environmental testing of raw materials and components. From raw materials procurement procedures for testing, and improve the production process, make the product in the process of production is not affected by any pollution. Small businesses are taking joint qualified suppliers, jointly cope with the environmental protection instruction. After many efforts, in raw material prices, under the situation of foreign technical barriers standing, wire and cable export still maintain the momentum of sustained growth.
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