Cable enterprises in China in 2017 will usher in what circumstances ( From Shen Xing cable group website)

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Chinese cable companies will usher in what circumstances (in years From Shen Xing cable group website) SXXLJT P there in a few days ago, according to the report, in the years of our country power cable market capacity will increase at the rate of % %, and telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable thanks to the rapid advance of 'wisdom city' strategy, will keep the double-digit growth trend, even become the fastest growth differentiation in wire and cable industry market. This is the cable industry 'or' on the other hand, but have to say is, in this year, there are still many difficulties to cable industry must face, in the years of the New Year, the cable enterprises in our country is still in happy care situation. In the year China's cable industry in addition to promoting the construction of the smart grid will be affected by the influence of outside, also due to the state of environmental protection and new energy etc. Topic is becoming more and more attention, environmental protection cable will also get more updated market, mining cable, high temperature superconducting cable, low smoke zero halogen cables and other environmental protection high new technology cable will also be vigorously sought after by the market further. According to the summary in it can be seen that industry is constantly differentiation, new industries like mushrooms are up to the head. For all cable enterprise, the emergence of new industries will certainly create new cable requirements. New energy cable as an example, it is just a shall, according to the specific type can be subdivided into pv cable, wind cable and so on model; Pv cable according to the use of environment and derive a variety of requirements, some require high aging resistance in response to the bad weather such as photovoltaic power station this purpose, some require high flame retardancy to ensure the safety of transmission, such as photovoltaic (pv) family. In short in years, the emergence of the differentiation of the market for the cable industry, also means a piece of another piece of blue ocean waiting for the cable companies to exploit. Said, we have to say in what needs to be in the cable industry 'sick' place. In years, for all the cable companies in China, the 'pain' is still in the transformation and upgrading. This year, the new challenge is coming, and the domestic wire and cable industry is still facing a big but not strong, the industrial concentration degree is low, the product is relatively single, profit is generally low. According to statistics, in the years, China's wire and cable industry in size and above ( Main business income in ten thousand yuan or more) Over the number of enterprise, and industry top ten companies combined market share of less than %; In the aspect of product, on the one hand, is the low end of the cable product backlog, for this vicious competition between enterprises, on the other hand is a high-end cable products still needs a large number of imports, according to data, cable products, imports of average price is about $/ kg, and exports of average price is just the cable products. Usd/kg. Facing the aggressive foreign enterprises cable and cable market environment changing, China's cable industry has to be adjusted slowly again, can only rise 'fight', in the competition to gradually get rid of the 'burden' of the past. Cable industry is notoriously 'heavy light industry', the raw material, especially the copper price impact on the industry is almost play a decisive role. And in the years, the price of copper will produce what kind of change is still who are unpredictable. Copper price ups and downs in recent years, in particular, it is hard not to let people in copper pinched the 1 again. In years, what will China's wire and cable industry, copper is one of the absolutely unavoidable factors. In the face of such a volatile business environment, the ravaging of Chinese wire and cable companies will not stand in the wind and rain again. Whole, grasped the nettle and was able to reflect my great China drive. [SXXLJT edited]
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