Cable dedicated equipment industry development seminars held in Shanghai

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Special cable equipment industry development seminars held in Shanghai on P, wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association in China during the assembly, wire and cable industry was held in Shanghai new international expo center organization cable dedicated equipment development workshop. Experts from the special cable equipment industry, the relevant person in charge of some enterprises attended the meeting discussion. The meeting by the China electrical equipment industry association wire and cable branch deputy secretary-general ZhangLiMing chair. , wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association, deputy director, the far east wisdom energy co. , LTD. , vice chairman and chief executive of Jiang Huajun first made the cable equipment development and the thinking of project report. Report from the cable manufacturing equipment status quo thinking, cables, cables and equipment development of intelligent manufacturing experience to share three part of this paper expounds the present situation of cable manufacturing equipment, as well as the existing gap compared with foreign equipment. According to the report, intelligent manufacturing is the industry development direction, is to improve cable industry to reduce the level gap with advanced countries in the world. In the cable industry comprehensively promote intelligent manufacturing is an international trend, but also practice of intelligence development philosophy and 'made in China'. Finally, it also puts forward relevant Suggestions on the future of the industry development. Wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association secretary-general of cable equipment work before starting CBCP school made a cable wire and cable industry in China special equipment of survey of field reports. Report from a professional electrician equipment 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in' mid-term status, facing the development of environment and opportunities, development Suggestions 'difference' three aspects are discussed. According to the report, China's wire and cable equipment manufacturing level compared with the advanced world level, there is a big gap to backbone enterprises quicken the steps of intelligent manufacturing, according to market demand, self-developed complex technology, the key of the specialized production equipment; Strengthen the cooperation of wire and cable manufacturing enterprises, sufficient to meet the needs of wire and cable manufacturing enterprise product innovation, independently developed for the new equipment required for the new technology of wire and cable production in China. Communication link in the meeting, the delegates respectively introduces the enterprise production and management current situation, and around the industry competition, new product development, the lack of the talent development of difficulty, pain points, such as common problems, as well as the industry's future development opportunities, development of intelligent manufacturing, two fusion topic for discussion. Shanghai electric cable research institute co. , LTD. , chief expert Mao Qingchuan concluded after speaking for delegates communication, without smart devices, there is no intelligent manufacturing. Cable equipment manufacturing enterprises should be combined with cable enterprise production process, improve equipment manufacturing technology level. At the same time with the intelligent manufacturing for the gripper, promoting the development of cable equipment manufacturing industry to a higher level. Finally, wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association deputy secretary-general Wu Shimin pointed out that the current cables and equipment from incremental expansion of market into now, optimization and adjustment of stock market, requires enterprises to accelerate technological innovation, quality efficiency, achieving high quality development; Branch as much as possible to the enterprise to provide a mutual exchange of learning platform, also hope that the enterprises to actively participate in, at the same time, the chapter also will, as always, for the enterprise services, promoting healthy and stable development of the industry. ( Su Yang)
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