Cable construction environment is complex and changeable relevant personnel to work hard

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Cable construction environment is complex and changeable working hard globledata P power cable using occasions more changeable, may use in desert is located in the depths of the desert oil field base, and may be used in the coal mine, the gobi desert of new chemical plants, power plants, wild new high-speed lines, mountainous new mines and hydropower station etc. Cable laying, for the most part, is located in the outdoor, generally USES the directly buried method of laying, bridge, in cable trench, tunnel, etc. Due to the desert, downhole, the gobi desert, mountains, wild to these areas to field service power technical personnel, in addition to work with all sorts of equipment, spare parts ready at the same time, still need to the badness of the scene environment with sufficient knowledge and understanding, do a good job in their own security defense. Mountain high tower stringing, sometimes require electricity service personnel climbing the overhead wires and wire monofilament welding and repair processing. Technical personnel in the wire before, must check whether various security measures in place, seat belt, safety helmet. With fixed welding torch tank and spare parts used in the repair material, to ensure the high wire welding repair work finished safety quality. Site used by laying cable bridge, its height is often in the six to seven meters above. If the sky cabling problems of cable bridge frame. Often need service personnel to wear insurance take bridge assist the user in high altitude patrol inspection processing, this service tends to have a certain risk. So before the bridge to make security protection work, to wear a seat belt, safety helmet, to prevent the work high above the injury. Cable fault occurred with latent and sudden, can occur at night, may happen during the holiday season. Service personnel should be customers need to travel to the site service time is uncertain. Cable line fault location and repair services at the same time, may be in the daytime or at night. So you need to power service personnel must have the dedication, bears hardships and stands hard work, good physical quality, rich experience in field work. High precision multi-function cable fault detection equipment also becomes the necessary service work. Quality of the cable fault location services not only for the user to win precious rescue time, reduce the user party economic losses. But also for cable manufacturers won the users and the market. Long distance, The length of the two kilometres above) Cable laying process, sheathed by scraping the broken, construction needs to on-site repair service is also a very hard work. Sometimes cable repair area may be located in the mountains or a valley, there is no power supply, bring generators, plastic welding torch, pen knife tools, such as on-site repair for days. On-site process at the same time, the service personnel may also need to consider defense from all kinds of wild animals in nature and mountains sudden flooding and mudslides, etc. So, in the service to these poor areas to electricity, service personnel must know local conditions in advance, to do a good job of various preparation and security defense corresponding, in ensuring high quality customer service at the same time, to ensure the safety of personnel to return.
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