Cable companies to development must break the foreign monopoly to realize democracy

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Cable companies to achieve a customized development must break the foreign monopoly zhdljyw P 'area', 'Internet +' a number of policies rolled out, the major cable companies are thus applauded, but have to face the cable to a large number of imported raw materials, import a lot of cable equipment, the enterprise only pay labor, harvest a small profit. So what should be how to face such a situation? 'In the past, many domestic cable enterprise raw materials - — — Copper is imported, high-end insulation material is imported, cable equipment is imported, the enterprise pay labor only, so how can corporate profits increase? 'Xi 'an jiaotong university, electrical insulation, director of the center for li-sheng zhong speak at the annual meeting of the world wire and cable, high-end insulation material imports influence cable corporate profits. In fact, indeed. Domestic high-end insulation is still rely on imports, such as high voltage dc cable with insulation material, the high voltage ac cable with insulation material, K class nuclear cable with insulation material has yet to realize localization. 'Improve the level of high-end insulation materials is complicated, just rely on cable enterprises, the material is not enough. Said at the source, such as chemical companies need to actively participate in, says from the terminal, power system need to actively push the move, need more coordination in the industry. 'Li-sheng zhong said, cable manufacturing needs all kinds of cable materials, such as the conductor, insulation materials, etc. , are unable to guarantee, if the material is actually still can't realize the true sense of self from the foot. But, thankfully, high voltage cable insulation material localization process in general is slightly faster. Now the high-end cable insulation materials research and development has been more attention by industry and state grid corporation, in recent years, many cable materials companies have also started to the research in this field. Early on (date) (month) (year), the relevant agencies and China electric experts research institute of zhejiang wanma macromolecule material co. , LTD. , the production of the high voltage ac cable with insulation materials on-site assessment, to identify the localization of high voltage insulation material technology and industrialization level. Evaluation demonstration results indicate that the zhejiang wanma macromolecule material co. , LTD has achieved kv high-voltage cable insulation material localization, product performance has reached the international advanced level, products fill the blank of the domestic and quality level can satisfy completely the requirements of manufacture and operation of high voltage cable. 'Previously, the domestic high voltage insulation material basic market was monopolized by the two foreign companies, this situation with our cable manufacturing power image completely out of proportion. Wu Changshun, director of the national wire and cable products supervision and inspection center 'the Chinese electric power newspaper reporter interview, if for some reason the embargo, banned, a lack of supply, cable and power transmission industry of our country and even the national defense, the national economic construction and development are incalculable impact and losses. It seems to some experts, high-end cable material localization is an inevitable trend in the industry. 'From the point of high voltage cable insulation material it is imperative to realize the localization, both from the national interest and national industry development and the future development prospect is good, urban overhead wires into the ground, urban expansion and so on all need a large number of high voltage cable, high voltage cable a vast market and therefore demand for high voltage cable insulation material also have very big empty room. 'Think Wu Changshun analysis. In fact, the high voltage cable insulation material localization through the domestic high voltage cable production of raw materials the bottleneck, this not only is beneficial to the healthy development of domestic high voltage cable industry, but also to domestic cable companies to go international, digestive rich domestic high voltage cable production line capacity. At the same time, the high voltage ac cable insulation material localization break the absolute monopoly of foreign manufacturers, the price will naturally to foreign factory from effective containment to direct competition, at the same time, domestic enterprises in access to better market profit at the same time promote the independent innovation, actively develop new technologies and products. However, the domestic application of high voltage insulation material is not very well. 'At present high voltage cable insulation material development is the main bottleneck faced by industry regulators to the localization of product recognition, many high voltage cable companies due to concerns about the attitude of regulators and not have to do not use imported materials. 'Zhejiang wanma macromolecule material co. , LTD. , deputy general manager xiu-hua zhou accept Chinese electric power newspaper reporters, enterprise of high voltage cable insulation material the propaganda is not enough, can not be fully in addition to the regulatory authorities and elimination, need to further strengthen communication and exchanges. High voltage insulation material localization, also has caused the great attention of the state grid corporation. State grid corporation of science and technology and institute this year in summon relevant enterprises such as sinopec, zhongtian science and technology, chongqing, wanma polymer such as mount tai is the localization has carried on the discussion of the high voltage direct current materials and report, the relevant person in charge of state grid corporation of science and technology to accelerate the process of high voltage cable insulation material localization are put forward. , some experts suggest that countries should enact related industrial policy, encourage enterprises to enter the market in advance, quality layout high voltage cable insulation material market, open, fair, fair competition. In addition, the country should also perfect the tender bill as soon as possible, improve the efficiency of the tender, to ensure that the tender orderly, prevent blindly into the enterprise.
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