Cable companies new marketing trend

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Cable companies new marketing trend sumeryfh P Internet has greatly changed the way the spread of information, has a far-reaching influence on marketing. More cable companies are no longer in the external content embedded in the ads, but by publishing original content is a success, because this strategy can bring extra income such as brand and audience growth. According to these trends, we predict the future trend of product marketing. 。 Content marketing diversification cable products can constantly creating valuable content through multiple channels. Content marketing is the best BB industry articles on social media, website, newsletter, case studies, and other video and articles on the website. Through the use of one or more channels, companies can set up a positive image in the industry. The trend shows that advertising on TV and radio ads mass marketing technology is gradually becoming inefficient. Instead, it should be focused on the inbound marketing, making for a specific audience design of valuable, compelling content. 。 Social media marketing diversity in just a few years ago, the enterprise to social media to join the problems in the marketing activity, can count the social networking site Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, only. As a result, the enterprise multiple attack, blossom everywhere, try a variety of online tools for maximum contact with consumers, this has become a common strategy. Such diversity is productive for many companies, because it through make it easier for consumers to identify a brand and brand equity is established. 。 With the center of the image content is popular with consumers come into contact with more and more advertisements, it is particularly important to make the content simple and quickly digest. Although I don't think the traditional textual content will be completely obsolete, but it is clear, and image is more advantageous to the combination of marketing activities. 。 Things with Jane as a noteworthy trend is that consumer preferences from in-depth information clearly to simplify the marketing information. Face to compete for the attention of huge amounts of information and advertising, consumer hates, some of the most creative marketers are opposite. They are trying to reduce their marketing information, rather than conquer consumers with reduction of advertising. 。 AD redirection to improve efficiency is the latest marketing strategy really is on the rise. Nutshell, its working principle is to use the browser's Cookies to track users to access web site. Once they leave a site, they read the product or service will be shown at different sites in the form of advertising again. 。 Search engine optimization and social network signals to incorporate more closely though social networks usually don't have the same importance to the traditional inbound links, but there is no denying the fact, now they play a role in search rankings. For more information about the cable, please pay attention to the cable column WeChat public, in WeChat public, direct search: cable column
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