Cable companies generally optimistic about the high-speed cable market in the future

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Cable companies generally optimistic about the high-speed cable xianlan P the future market in recent years, with the increasing of domestic demand for high-speed rail *, more and more cable enterprises in China are bullish on the future of high-speed cable market. China's high iron cable products in the constantly expanding, the technical force are also constantly improve, has emerged a large number of dedicated to research and development, the production of high voltage cable institutions, enterprises, etc. China is a high-speed development of the fastest, mileage is almost equivalent to the existing total mileage of other countries in the world, and there are still about thousands of kilometers is under construction. After years of construction, therefore, China's high iron cable have in different geological conditions, climate, environment construction and operation experience, and the price is low. In London, prime minister li keqiang said in talks with British prime minister David Cameron, the two countries should build nuclear power, high-speed rail and other infrastructure for cooperation. Cameron said that the British side is willing to work with China to deepen cooperation in the field of high iron. On the same day, 'high-speed rail' in the Sino-British joint declaration. Said in a statement, the two sides agreed to promote each other in the market for rail transit ( Including high-speed rail) Design consulting, engineering, construction, equipment, supplies and facilities maintenance in the areas of substantive cooperation. It is reported, the possible cooperation in the project, is connects London and the north of England cost about hundred million pounds of HS high-speed rail project. The main impetus for high-speed trains on electricity, high iron cable has become for HSR arteries. With the abroad, high-speed master high-speed cable production technology of domestic cable companies will benefit, cable industry will usher in more business opportunities. As China's high-speed rail go abroad, as an important accessory products - — Gao Tieyong cable will also be popular, one of the hot products become the future market. In order to meet the requirements of high-speed trains, its use requirement for power cables are mostly low smoke, zero halogen flame retardant, fire-resistant, oil resistant, uv resistant, resistant to moisture, waterproof, mouldproof, rodents, etc. , and some also require the termite. It follows that high and low voltage power cables, low smoke zero halogen cables, mica tape to fire insulation fireproof cables, wiring, leakage coaxial cable, such as demand is expected to rise further. Tunnel and station with lighting electric wire electric cable needs to be reckoned with. To this, the cable of domestic enterprises to go abroad, to cope with the European standard test such as full of confidence. Relevant personage says, the domestic cable enterprise related technology is increasingly perfect, already have the ability to compete with foreign competition. With its high-speed, high-speed cable also timely along with the high-speed rail project standard demand adjustment, ensure the quality, strengthen the technical support. Then, then gradually expand overseas markets for China's high-speed rail cable win more say in the field of the world, China's high-speed rail cable famous in the world just around the corner. Source: cable mall ( xianlan) A collection of r &d production and sales of wire and cable type direct online procurement platform.
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