Cable companies 'collection'

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Cable companies 'collection' to do SXXLJT P recently there are some small and medium-sized cable manufacturer to fold, investigate its failure reason, the industry generally believe that it is important up recovery, low HuiKuanLv difficulty. 'Collection' phenomenon in today's more common in wire and cable industry. Industry usually adopts the 'mode', namely, product after delivery, product installation after the contract signing, respectively, after the completion of the payment for goods pay %, %, %, the rest of the % as quality deposit paid after the warranty expires. This model makes slow cable manufacturing enterprises often meet with the receivable, cash collection difficult situation. For % of the advance payment in the payment for goods, procurement unit usually reluctant to pay, and the rest of the payment is often delayed, so the cable from delivery to the payment cycle is usually to months or longer. Collection is not timely, enterprise receivables increase is very big to the harm of the enterprise. It will cause the enterprise capital chain tight, thus influence enterprise, including sourcing, many links, for some small, cash-strapped companies are likely to be devastating. Nearly thousands of wire and cable industry enterprises in our country, the small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for %, therefore 'collection difficult problem is also very big influence on the industry as a whole. To this, through interviews with experts in many domestic wire and cable companies, they are given the following Suggestions: ( A) The facts clearly and overdue payment for goods, and has set up a unit after many again, should immediately to prosecution. ( 2) For customers with quality dispute to specific treatment, on operation of wire and cable and cable and working time is longer, the customer had no objection to send reminder letter, letter of attorney immediately after invalid prosecution. ( 3) Unit of malicious arrears or in default of a variety of excuses, immediately. ( 4) Marketing management personnel to supervise the marketing personnel in the unit, and does not work with marketing personnel, the company should adopt compulsory prosecution. ( 5) Whether in the face of state-owned enterprises or private companies, most of the contract format of the contract is the other side, there are a lot of adverse to the supplier. To this, enterprises want to argue about individual key clauses, such as don't think risk is controllable, would rather give up this business. Especially in and some private companies more when signing a contract must pay attention to some terms, such as: default happens to Sue location. Sue location if at the location of the purchasing companies, the supplier will inevitably meet local protectionism, the supplier is relatively bad. ( 6) The quality of product acceptance to clear time. In order to avoid purchasing companies in this essay, look for excuses to postpone payment. ( 7) If discover each other have default phenomenon, must response quickly, to get the largest initiative. Special recommendation: 'Shen Xing cable group' little theatre, copper: provide daily copper, the mechanical characters are watching tired ~ try copper theater! ! ! ! Scan the qr code to bring tickets:
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