Cable companies can 300 billion nuclear power equipment market for a couple of piece?

by:AAA     2020-04-07
( Industry news] Cable companies can divide a few million nuclear power equipment market a cup of soup? Globledata P since nuclear projects this year by pressing the 'reset button', the backlog of nuclear power project could usher in a new release, a new power for our country in the future to reach kilowatts, nuclear power equipment aggregate demand will exceed one hundred million yuan. Go out and as China's nuclear power technology, the demand of nuclear power equipment also will further increase. Attractive nuclear cable market at home and abroad to attract a large number of powerful cable companies stop, acquisition including the far east cable in anhui, zhejiang wanma plans to acquire nuclear class cable companies - — Uh guano cable. In terms of domestic nuclear power market, and in nuclear power equipment market, cable companies can get a couple of glasses? Nuclear cable is an important electrical component of the nuclear power plant, its use place is quite harsh conditions, safety demand is high, should not only has the general features of ordinary cable, but also has low smoke, zero halogen and flame retardant properties, such as specific environment resistance, such as radiation resistance, resistant to LOCA - Loss of coolant accident) And so on. According to incomplete statistics, nearly more than can produce nuclear cable companies in the country, the K class, family, K class close to home. From the point of nuclear power plant in our country development course, in addition to qinshan a period for independent technology suppliers, from year to year almost all nuclear power project adopted abroad by technology vendors to provide technical support. In the same period, although domestic nuclear cable has been in the research, development, test, comprehensive quality, but the nuclear cable and large distance. Even if a part of the delivery of the nuclear cable, in use process there is a quality problem. The good news is, through the digestion and absorption of foreign technology, innovation, domestic nuclear power project starting in basic are made by adopting the technology. At present, our country has been successfully developed and produced the world's first with independent intellectual property rights of the three generations of nuclear power plant AP containment vessel cables, of generating unit and used for zhejiang sanmen nuclear power plant construction. Visible nuclear cable such as nuclear power projects, products in the domestic market development more smoothly. Month, CGNPC, according to the National Development and Reform Commission approved the red for the construction of nuclear power generating unit, along the river. This means that the red river nuclear power phase ii project is going to be restarted. Red river nuclear power phase ii project is coming to China in the true sense of the new batch of nuclear power project. Last year, according to the State Council general office issued by the action plan for energy development strategy ( ~) ', to year, the national nuclear power installed capacity reached kilowatts, building capacity reaches more than million kilowatts. Nuclear expert analysis, which means that China's nuclear power development is 'up', just starting from scratch, new nuclear power projects are expected to focus on the examination and approval. Longer term, to effectively support the non-fossil energy consumption in proportion to the % this goal. At present the proportion of China's nuclear power is too small. Bohai securities analysis, with the rise of the nuclear power construction, integration of nuclear power industry will usher in unprecedented golden opportunity. China is expected next year will have new power kilowatts, years of nuclear power equipment demand will exceed one hundred million yuan. As the country big investment, development of nuclear power plants, and nuclear power station of form a complete set of special nuclear cable will have a very large market space. According to a mega kilowatt nuclear power units, all kinds of cables required roughly 17 kilometers, an average of ten thousand yuan per kilometer, nuclear power cable market space in China every year amounted to one hundred million yuan, annual average. One hundred million yuan. Momentum of nuclear power development in China is fierce, not only the world multinational is developing nuclear power. Although Japan after the fukushima accident, caused the world countries concern about the safety of nuclear power, but increasingly tense energy supply situation, let Russia, France, South Korea, Britain and other countries insist that nuclear power, some developing countries are also interested in nuclear power. According to the forecast international authoritative institutions, in the coming years, global or will be built bridge to mw reactor. At the national level under the situation of pushing nuclear power to go out, foreign plant will also bring objective market share for nuclear power equipment in China. Deputy to the National People's Congress, the nuclear group chairman Sun Qin, said nuclear power go out and have a strong traction, leading role, the more significant in economic significance under the new normal. A mega kilowatt nuclear power unit investment about one hundred million yuan, can in order to increase the export of related mechanical and electrical products and materials of one hundred million yuan. Gradually get rid of the foreign technology with domestic nuclear power plants blockade and dependence on foreign nuclear power cable serious, nuclear cable also basically achieved localization in China, a new round of nuclear power construction boom at home and abroad for domestic nuclear cable wire and cable enterprise development provides a good opportunity.
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