Cable and optical fiber cable combustion performance grading etc released two standards

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Cable and optical fiber cable combustion performance grading and other two standards issued heibaocjp P in national standardization management committee (date) (month) (year) released the first announcement, approval issue mandatory national standard GB - The cable and optical fiber cable combustion performance classification, implementation date for (date) (month) (year), at the same time approval issued voluntary national standards GB/T - The cable or optical cable under the condition of the fire smoke, flame spread the heat release and the producing characteristics of test methods, the implementation date for (date) (month) (year), the two national standards are published for the first time. In order to ensure the new promulgated the two mandatory national standard GB and voluntary national standards GB/T effective implementation, ensure products enter into the field of construction engineering and circulation flame-retardant cable combustion performance in line with the new standards and the provisions of the relevant specification requirements, reduce the happening of the cable fire, ensure people's life and property security, is advantageous to the design of cable fire prevention design, supervision departments of the fire performance of product quality supervision and management, the criterion of production enterprises, the production and certification institution for the promotion of voluntary product certification, center this year with the national fire standardization technology committee, fire prevention materials technical committee meeting design units, product quality supervision department, the authentication institutions and enterprises to participate in the two national standards of stable cross.
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