Cable analysis: crosslinking cable quality rectification should be carried out

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Cable editorial: should rectify sanewcable medium-pressure crosslinking cable quality P (date) (month) (year), was held in Shanghai electric cable research institute 'Chinese action medium-pressure crosslinking cable life assessment program sessions', specializing in medium voltage crosslinked cable life assessment programme. China is at this point for economic development transformation, rather than spend a lot of manpower and material resources and financial resources for medium-voltage crosslinking cable service life assessment of the outdated research, rather than on real product quality. In today's world into century s, it was said in medium voltage cross-linking cables in the world today, more than half a century, we began to research on its service life assessment, not to mention whether science and technology advancement in the field of significance, only the subject is put forward, has been at least years behind developed countries. Medium voltage cross-linking cables since century s in the global promotion, encountered during the process, equipment, technology, quality, test and material and so on questions, has successively solved. Especially the study of electrical tree branches and water treeing, already clear scientific conclusions, and within the global cable industry application. Our country's medium voltage crosslinking cable from century s begin to introduce and promote. At that time, there are steam crosslinking equipment, also have dry crosslinking equipment, mainly from Nokia of Finland and the United States Davis, the company introduced CDCC crosslinking production line. And cable insulation and shielding materials also mainly adopts foreign equipment manufacturers recommend foreign materials, mainly at the time of the Dutch Neste Carbon company and the United States of the Union ( Al carbon) The company's. Under the surge of copycat craze, although our country medium voltage cross-linking cables in process equipment and materials have direct access to the world advanced level, but are not independent intellectual property rights. After the s last century, China began to manufacture its own crosslinking unit and cable materials, coupled with a huge market demand for medium voltage cross-linking cables, so in recent years, our country medium voltage crosslinked cable development by leaps and bounds, and lax regulation and control, open the floodgates, so that to this. People remember, in medium voltage cross-linking cables in China began to promote the early years, our country government and the cable industry joint crosslinking cable product quality efforts. The consolidation of influence and the effect of good, impressive and fresh today. After the launch of the production license system, manufacturers of production capacity and product quality put forward high request, to stabilize the cable have played a role in promoting product quality. Later, however, the Chinese famous brand and provincial famous brand and other activities, give some medium-pressure crosslinking cable manufacturing enterprises to provide opportunities for fraud, and emboldened, make whole cable industry into a chaos. Appear this kind of chaotic situation reason is various, such as: the market price of the product and material, cable users purchasing concept, low-cost way of competition, the lowest bid procurement model, and business owners, social morality level and other factors. For regulation, regulation, this is a system engineering is not only good regulation the link will be able to work. After the chaos and rectification. Now, people have realized the importance of medium voltage crosslinking cable quality, also know the medium-pressure crosslinking cable live longer than foreign products, and to decide to cable life assessment research. But there are also people who believe that don't put the above link regulation, only several basic theoretical study to improve the cable life is useless. If go to the water and electricity trees to study again, not only benefit to cable companies, but also not conducive to the image of the power cable, more conducive to the research institutes of scientific research level image. If the international conference will be generated by the research papers for us, don't know what will produce the effect. As an expert said: 'if use qualified raw materials and strict and scientific manufacturing process, we guarantee that can produce qualified crosslinking cable, at least in service life; Otherwise, even with the best imported equipment, and material is unqualified, create crosslinking cable did not qualified as a result, the priority is not medium-voltage crosslinking cable life assessment study, instead of cable products and cable materials manufacturing enterprises to conduct a comprehensive clean-up and rectification. Because no matter how much the life assessment of the comprehensive and in-depth and hard work, has obtained the life index of medium voltage cross-linking cables in our country, but in the end to solve the problem, still need to clean up the quality of manufacturing enterprises. The method can be reference in consolidation mode of the reorganization of the factory audit mode and production licenses. Should be led by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, approved by national cable industry association, the national the authority of the cable quality inspection department and the electric power company of three parties' series' team conducted a process-based, thoroughly break composed of enterprises, the reviewers and consultants' interests Angle iron, manufacturers of cable and cable material of fairness and justice, production capacity and product quality audit to the enterprise put forward the improvement opinion of real, practical, and reviewed on a regular basis and like C authentication check 'flight check, to make cable products and cable materials manufacturing enterprises have a sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility to the product quality problem. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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