Bulk - formed consensus - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Flat winding line industry workshop was held in Shanghai

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Consensus bulk flat winding line industry workshop was held in Shanghai bscablecn P in order to better adapt to the macro environment, market situation and the change of industry structure, strengthening the flat wire communication, communication, actively deal with the difficulty and pain points encountered in the industry, establish maintain and promote the healthy development of the industry consensus, promoting the development of high quality flat winding line industry. Wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association, the industry during the conference, June 21 in the afternoon was held in Shanghai organized by chapter, winding line work 'flat winding line industry workshop' from association leadership, entrepreneurs, experts and industry representatives, such as scientific research personnel, attended the seminar. Seminar hosted by work department secretary Li Fu, the deputy secretary-general of branch of Wu Shimin spoke first, hope that the seminar. Delegates: GuanCheng chase electrician, wuxi, wuxi force electromagnetic wire, tin states Shanghai Yang bao sheng (copper, ashtar wires, Sichuan) Electromagnetic wire, xi 'an nassim loose materials, guangzhou golden cup tianshun electrical equipment, electrical and electromagnetic wire, shandong di electrical and mechanical co. , LTD. , zhejiang sanmen electricians twelve entrepreneurs, chairman, general manager successively speech communication. Their respective this paper introduces the general situation of the enterprise, freely cent fold flat winding line of the industry faces such problems as the difficulty and pain points, and points to fold the status quo and trend of development at home and abroad. Entrepreneurs of the out-of-order competition of the industry, the 'price war', 'environmental protection', such as empathy, high quality, integrity, environmental protection, especially for the business development put forward many insights. Finally, wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association secretary-general of Shanghai electric cable research institute, vice general manager of peak made a summary statement. Pointed out that the seminar by combing the industry difficulties, pain points and other common problems, there must be countermeasures. From these mistakes, and seek common development, the association has a mission to service industry enterprises, to promote industry technical progress. Everybody wants to form a consensus, strengthen exchanges, bulk and jointly promote the healthy development of the industry. The conference a complete success, to achieve the desired effect. ( The bowl)
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