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Bombardier will make Mexico locomotive cable globalization along the pearl river

by:AAA     2020-09-14
Recently, Canada's bombardier company is planning to make Mexico locomotive electric wire electric cable globalization. New York, Chicago, San Francisco and metro Toronto in Canada, Toronto, light rail, vancouver, Kuala Lumpur and Saudi Arabia are using or will use the train bombardier in the production of wire and cable in Mexico. Globally, 2014 China's wire and cable and conductor's biggest exporter, exports for 222. 0. 8 billion dollars, Mexican ranked second, exports for 111. $1. 1 billion, of which 60% of Mexico's exports products focused on automotive wire and cable, used in electric power, aerospace and other railways. Bombardier company ten years ago the aircraft with wire and cable production transfer from Japan to Mexico, at present the company has three plants in Mexico have, the production of wire and cable, subway and light rail locomotives, etc.
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