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Basic knowledge of fire retardant cable

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Based knowledge SXXLJT P fire retardant wire and cable fire retardant cable to have fire prevention performance is the floorboard of the cable products, generally can be divided into two major categories of flame retardant cables and fireproof cables it. From the viewpoint of fire security and its lifesaving, on the properties of the cable fire prevention requirements more and more, such as flame retardant: the cable model of this product can block, slow down the speed of fire spread, the fire will not expand. Refractory: under the condition of the flame can stay in a certain period of normal operation, maintain the integrity of the original circuit. Halogen free: a cable materials do not contain halogen, the corrosive products of combustion will be lower. Low halogen: a cable materials can contain halogen, but content will be lower. The burning of low smoke: wire and cable in the smoke will be produced by less, that would be a high light transmittance. When burning low toxicity: cable materials produced by the gas containing toxic will be lower. Research and development of flame retardant and fireproof cables is started in years. After five years later, in 1987, many cable manufacturers have begun to put into production and approved for the user. For the naming of combustion characteristic and the cable model is still in a chaotic situation, has been in test methods for wire and cable combustion characteristics, classifying fire-resistant wire and cable products, finalize the design with Chinese pinyin for the first letter and so as the ordinary wire and cable type to use the prefix. One of flame retardant wire and cable type model of ZR and fire-resistant cable model NH are in use today. As fire retardant cable in constant development, many new advances of the research process models are not equipped to use many of the original. Combined with the production of the manufacturer is also more and more, at the time of enterprise standards, about the cable model is also need, it also causes a new chaos. At present the most outstanding is that combustion as well as the characteristics of wire and cable are the same, but its name and model number is different. The industry and users are strongly request to change the status quo, want to cable type to be unified. To this end, small make up can give fire retardant wire and cable model establishment method, for everybody at the time of preparation of enterprise standards or industry standards for reference. Fire retardant wire and cable model's establishment principle: ( ) A model must be corresponding to a combustion characteristic, has the corresponding test methods and specific indicators can be appraised, and the said the first letter to Chinese pinyin, simple as far as possible; ( ) Fire retardant cable model must use the prefix method on ordinary wire and cable model code before; ( ) The combustion characteristic of ordinary wire and cable inherent, not the other to other models; ( ) Must allow added in the future development of leeway.
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