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Banda electrical resolution: tank insulation electricity use thermal insulation

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Banda electrical resolution: tank insulation electric thermal insulation using cnbonda P tanks in the process of raw material storage, because of some special medium temperature requirements, will result in changes of medium form below a certain temperature. Such as gas will condense into liquid, the liquid will be solidified into a crystal, hinder the medium transport or influence use. Light is not solve the problem with heat preservation material, must use some heating equipment can effectively solve the problem of heating up. Traditional is steam heating, temperature is not controlled, the temperature sensitive chemicals, it is easy to react. New way of electric heating insulation, these problems can be avoided. Use electric heat tracing system has a high thermal efficiency, energy saving, simple in design, construction convenient installation, no pollution, long service life and can realize remote control and automatic control and other advantages, is replaced by steam, hot water heating technology development direction. Electric thermal insulation methods widely used in pipelines, tank insulation. Working principle: electric heating is to use the electric energy is to supplement the heating body, heat loss in the process so as to maintain the most reasonable process flow medium temperature. Electric heat tracing insulation heat preservation in the tank, can choose the limit temperature, constant power, MI armoured electric thermal insulation products. In the model selection of the electric heating design, should consider the local minimum environmental climate, internal medium initial temperature of tank, to maintain the temperature, the tank container under temperature, volume of tank size, thermal compensation calculation. Then, according to the use of specific occasions, the size of the tanks, tank insulation of electric conditions, choose the most suitable electric thermal insulation products. In addition, the tanks of external thermal insulation is usually very thick, a little pot height is higher, in the aspect of maintenance and repair all requires a lot of manpower, the physical and financial resources, all said, appropriate electric thermal insulation products is particularly important. Information source: HTTP / / WWW. cnbonda。 com/news/industry/。 html
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