Automation era, really will kill us?

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Automation era, really will kill us? Joyu P due to China's rapidly rising labor costs, some companies are starting to replace human with industrial robots, industrial robot has high stability, production speed and other technical advantages, the advantages of mass production rapidly in modern is very obvious. Throughout the development of automation equipment, a lot of production staff will be killed. In recent years due to rising labor costs, manufacturing enterprises have difficulty in recruitment, in the face of difficulties, some manufacturers have begun to shift to lower-cost countries. After the international financial crisis, some developed countries put forward the 'industrialization', strengthened the research of advanced manufacturing, through artificial intelligence, robot and digital manufacturing to retake the competitive advantage of manufacturing, the development trend of global manufacturing automation is more and more obvious. Is not only a robot, there are some other machines, such as raw material automatic dispensing equipment, and the weighing system, such as packaging machinery, automatic bag machine, packing scale. In today's fierce market competition, manufacturing enterprises have already realized that they are facing huge pressure to time, cost, quality, etc. In response to the rising labor costs and competition from south and southeast Asia countries, Chinese manufacturers have high hopes for advanced manufacturing technology. At present, the domestic some manufacturing companies began to a large number of the introduction of automated production equipment, technology, to promote industrial production automation transformation, in order to improve the yield and quality, directly contributed to industrial computer, PLC, industrial robots and other automation equipment, the rapid growth of the market. In addition the 12th five-year plan's suggestion, the overall plan of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is facing the industrial transformation and upgrading, and the urgent needs of the development of strategic emerging industries, focusing on intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and service. To training high-end equipment manufacturing industry become the pillar industry of national economy, to realize the change of the equipment manufacturing industry in our country from big to strong. This will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for industrial automation industry. Manufacturing in the future there will be a highly intelligent operating system, no chemical plant production methods also there will be a major shift accordingly. The future of the industry production, management, business process, through information infrastructure, the integration platform, realize the information collection, information transmission, information processing and comprehensive utilization of information, etc.
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